Eight Prerequisites for Influence

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On this Friday’s Xperience Partner Call, Director of Expansion Katie Benson shared some powerful insights from a recent coaching session with her coach, Kate Patulski. We, as real estate agents, are in sales. In sales, it is necessary for us to influence others. It is important that we practice being neither inferior or superior to any other human beings whether it is our assistant, a client or our significant other. When we decide we are superior or inferior, growth is prevented, and influence ceases to exist. As human beings, when we decide there has been an injustice, we tend to think, act and communicate like we are superior. We become indignant about injustice. These eight prerequisites for influence will help you better communicate with your clients, coworkers and friends. Refer back to this list when you feel like your failing to influence others.

Spend a Few Minutes with a Luxury Icon

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“We can achieve more together than apart … individuals and teams and teams with teams.” — Jeannette Spinelli

During Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed a luxury icon, Jeannette Spinelli, as the Xperience network welcomed Jeannette and the entire Spinelli Residential Group as new Xperience partners. Jeannette laughs as she talks about her early real estate career as a “dreaded part-time agent” who had some success. When faced with a personal tragedy that led to economic difficulties, she took a real estate business she describes as — at that moment in time — having no true overall vision or purpose, and stepped out on a limb that has not only given her financial stability but has made her a leader in luxury real estate sales. She now owns a business filled with vision and purpose!