When a Stated Goal Becomes Real

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“A real goal is a goal you are willing to take the actions to achieve.”

 Kim Woodlief, a Chattanooga agent on The Charlotte Mabry Team powered by Xperience, recently experienced the ultimate example of turning a stated goal into a real goal. Kim has been an agent for 12 ½ years, first leading a small team in North Carolina before moving to Chattanooga with the intention of dominating the real estate market

At a recent team event, Kim shared with Xperience CEO Chris Suarez that her goal is to have 100 investment properties. At the time of this conversation, she had zero. During Friday’s Xperience Partner Call, Chris interviewed Kim about this conversation and how she turned this stated goal into something very real.

“It’s a goal I had for quite some time that I had not acted on,” Kim shared. Chris encouraged Kim to go home and ask herself if that was a stated goal or a real goal. A real goal being something is willing to do the actions to achieve. “I asked myself and realized it was a real goal,” Kim said.

Within three days, Kim made an offer on her first investment property and closed within a week.“

It wasn’t just the conversation we (Chris and Kim) had at dinner. It was all the training you (Chris) taught earlier that day. I was struggling with real versus stated. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get past what I was trying to achieve…I kept hearing you say, ‘What actions are you willing to take?’ That was my mantra,” Kim said to Chris.“

After I did it, it was WOW, a weight off my shoulders. It took ten years striving for this and all it took was a one degree switch in my thought process because of our conversation and the trainings focused on being a do’er, taking action and identifying who you want to be.”“I am an investor. I am going to identify that way. I went and bought a property.” Kim concluded.