Spend a Few Minutes with a Luxury Icon

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“We can achieve more together than apart … individuals and teams and teams with teams.” — Jeannette Spinelli

During Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed a luxury icon, Jeannette Spinelli, as the Xperience network welcomed Jeannette and the entire Spinelli Residential Group as new Xperience partners. Jeannette laughs as she talks about her early real estate career as a “dreaded part-time agent” who had some success. When faced with a personal tragedy that led to economic difficulties, she took a real estate business she describes as — at that moment in time — having no true overall vision or purpose, and stepped out on a limb that has not only given her financial stability but has made her a leader in luxury real estate sales. She now owns a business filled with vision and purpose! It all started with a sign call from a sign overgrown with brush on land in what is now West Lake Hills in Austin. She summoned up her courage and although she didn’t think that sale would be attainable for her, she called the number. Making that call changed her life. The developer, a very spiritual man, who numerous real estate agents were seeking to partner with him, chose Spinelli. And, to this point in her life, she credits that call with leading to $90 million in sales.Spinelli is generous with her knowledge and her experience. She is anxious to help her agents and others achieve their goals. “We all have our own gifts and our own talent,” she said,  “and they become even more valuable if we are willing to share.” Spinelli appreciates opportunities to share her story and give encouragement to others. She is willing to share information and sources for study with those interested in selling luxury real estate. “Anybody can change the course of their life with work and education,” she explained. “I am passionate to help others transform their lives through real estate.”Spinelli is thrilled to be part of  the Xperience team and tapping into the wisdom and integrity of the group. Her mission has always included supporting her agents in building the lives they have designed for themselves and she sees that same spirit at Xperience. “We can achieve more together than apart … individuals and teams and teams with teams,” Spinelli said. She looks forward to working with like-minded people to positively impact individual agents, offices, and ultimately communities.Jeannette looks forward to sharing more of her inspiring story and luxury expertise with the Xperience team and friends of Xperience in coming months. Stay tuned!