Influential Language

Nald GuevarraGrowth, Partner Calls


Xperience partners were in for a very special coaching session on this week’s Friday Partner Call as Xperience Real Estate Director of Expansion Katie Benson coached the team about leveling up your influential language.

When we focus on using influential language to move prospects to a desired outcome, we must make sure that we are moving them towards their own goals, not our goals. As their real estate professional, your job is to help someone get what they want and you must use your influence to do so.People remember about 50% of what you share and 48 hours later, that percentage shrinks to 25%. Your influence over their listening starts at the first impression so it is important to create an environment for listening. They are making decisions based on your appearance and based on the language that you use. Are you speaking from habits or are you speaking from intentionality? Ninety-seven percent of us use language that is habitual. So, in order to use influential language, we must shift our mindset to be intentional about the words we use. We want to ensure that we are creating clarity for our prospects not chaos. This language creates chaos:

“If you buy…”“Think about it…”“I am going to show you homes today…”

The counterexamples create clarity:

“When you buy…”“When you list with me…” “We are going to find a home for you to buy today…”

Words matter! When moving your prospect forward, use influential language with commands that ensure they do business with you!