Xperience Mega Camp Rehash

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When I master people, I master succes.  -- Gary Keller

When I master people, I master succes. — Gary Keller

Last week, more than 60 Xperience Growth partners gathered in Austin for Keller Williams Mega Camp. During Friday’s Partner Call, they shared their biggest AHA’s from the week. 

Alex Frank, Xperience Partner in Houston, Texas
Gary (Keller) did part of the Career Visioning process on stage. He asked the question, then he asked three or four questions about the answer. I realized I need to go deeper during the buyer’s consultation 

Kim Woodlief, Agent on The Charlotte Mabry Team in Chattanooga, TN
Ben’s (Kinney) leadership triangle made me change the way I think about leadership. The first level is that you have to lead yourself. You have to change, be, do and think differently. Next, you have to lead others. Then, create leaders — developing those around us into leaders.Which leads to attracting leaders. Once you create leaders, other leaders will want to be a part of your world. 

John Powers, Director of Sales for PDX Property Group in Portland, OR
Gary (Keller) shares that there are six pillars of value:

  1. Information

  2. Education

  3. Advice

  4. Service

  5. Connection

  6. Affinity

Gary talked through how this is the battlefield, our opportunity with our database and our clients. The higher/deeper we go with these six levels, the less industry disruptors will come and take away from us. Items one through three can be taken away from us by technology. The industry is being disrupted by five and six as well. Number four stands alone. Your opportunity is on advice and service

Barb Dopp, CEO of Agents With a Smile, Boise, ID
Our team needs to enhance the experience for our clients and our team members. When you take care of your team, your team takes care of people. 

Charlotte Mabry, CEO of The Charlotte Mabry Team, Chattanooga, TN
In one of the masterminds, a team mentioned they have a quarterly Millionaire’s Club to help agents grow their net worth. 

During the Cultural Summit Jim Stovall shared that when you don’t have a choice, you have no trouble making a decision. He went blind and had no choice but to make the best of that. 

Charlotte also quoted Carissa Ackard from her interview with Gary Keller, “The path is in the math.” 

Kristen Williams, CEO of The Williams Team in Austin, TX
Gary (Keller) continued to emphasize, who you are in business with determines how much success you will see. Small thinking will result in small hires. Big thinking will result in big hires. With our transition to Xperience, we are thinking much bigger when it comes to hiring, hiring a higher level of people and talent. By elevating our level of thinking, we are attracting a bigger talent. 

Brandi Pearl Thompson, Agent on The Charlotte Mabry Team, Chattanooga, TN
A common theme was to ask more questions for the purpose to get to know people better. You can go back and attract and achieve whatever goal they want. Success for others allows them to get to their goal to get to your goal. If you hit a stumbling block, different questions should be asked. 

Carter Williams, Director of Xperience Growth Coaching Austin, TX
The word is PEOPLE and adding value to people 
In our org, clients, past clients, the better we can master bringing value to people, the better we are professionally and personally. What do we do after we close on one sale and before we work with that person five or ten years down the line? Bringing true value during this timeframe is critical. 

Deldi Ortegon, The Deldi Ortegon Team, McAllen, TX
Who you are in business with matters — talent and clients. You have to be in a lot of relationships to attract the right people for your team. 

Simplicity, in order for your business to be brilliant, we must have simplicity. 

Melanie Fanetti, Xperience Partner, St. Louis, MO
During Chris (Suarez) and Ben’s (Kinney) Master Time & Money, I realized that there is so much opportunity all around us and that it’s not about the choices, it’s about choosing wisely. Money is the key to buying back your time. 

Katie Benson, Director is Growth for Xperience Real Estate, Portland, OR
There is a difference between commitment and a goal. We don’t have a goal to raise our kids, we have a commitment to raise our kids. We let too many things get in the way because it is just a goal. We should rethink everything to be a commitment. 

Xperience CEO Chris Suarez ended the call with his notes from Gary Keller’s top mastermind and then some other general takeaways. 

  • Exercise and use weights. This is the one body that we are given to live our life in.

  • None of us will make more than we are currently making if we don’t do something different than we are currently doing.

  • Look at expenses both business and personal on a regular basis. Everyone 100% on stage had to send in YTD P&L. Profit matters.

From Chris’ time at a Keller Williams Worldwide session he quoted Bill Soteroff, “No one ever said I wish I would have started that later.” Think about that with our activities. 

Chris shared, don’t look at the person next to you as a role model. Too many people are looking at a big number or a big personality — someone that has a lot of attraction and membership. Don’t look at the person next to you, look at your own model.

Gary also said that he is not interested if something is realistic or unrealistic. He wants to find out what is possible. 

You can’t be everything to everyone or you will be nothing. What is our lane what is not our lane? We have to be relentless and we can never settle. 

If you are all in, you are all in. If you are not, I already know that. 

We have to show up in our business with a ridiculous commitment to take care of people, invest in service and earn a seat at that table.