The journey of becoming the CEO of your business and your life.
Life is meant to be lived and experienced, not just learned and studied.


Personal Coaching & Mentorship
from Chris Suarez & Carter Williams


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    3 Events Each Year


    Immersive Learning from Chris, Carter and their Special Guests


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What They're Saying About the Experience

I think the XMBA is a great program for anyone who has big life goals and wants to try to bring their time, focus and energy into alignment with that purpose.

Zack H

I became more focused and aware of what I truly want. I felt educated and was able to share A LOT of what I learned to my team. It allowed me to fill my cup and then immediately pour that knowledge into others, strengthening my entire organization.

Nick W

Definitely recommend this program! I’m honored to be part of the inaugural class. Learning so much!

Elizabeth G

Powerful content! Real people! Learn to THINK and create a purposeful life and business!

Barbara D

Definitely life changing! Most influential program of my career.

Nicole C

It’s really been such an incredible experience… you have helped me “dig deep”! You know how the first season of a new tv show, and you’re like “this is going to be rough”? Because everyone has to get comfortable and find their legs? It’s not like that. It was full steam ahead from day one (and we always aspire for day one!).

Aubrey M

Absolutely one of the most life-changing experiences and we are only halfway through!

Jodie W

I’ve been through 7 years of higher education and 18 years of learning in real estate and nothing has been as impactful on growing my leadership and personal development skills as XPERIENTIAL MBA. To Chris, Carter and all the amazing cohorts, thank you for such an incredible year.

Ryan H
The Fully Integrated Life is the Fully Successful Life
Life is meant to be EXPERIENCED

If life has taught us anything, it confirms that life is meant to be EXPERIENCED, not simply lived.

And yet, all too often we all find ourselves reacting to what shows up as opposed to designing what we’d like to attract and receive. We run from day to day, the month flies by, and suddenly years slip away.

Chris Suarez set out over a decade ago to create a big business while living an experiential life. These two things have lived in conflict with each other for too long. He learned the secret is an integrated life in all pillars - career, relationships, wealth, personal growth, health, spirituality. He uses a world-class mental foundation that he will share with you.

The result has been leveling up in business: the co-founder of a prop-tech company with over a billion-dollar valuation. Plus, leveling up outside of business: family, health, spirituality, and immense personal growth.

Your business and your life can look like this, too!

The Xperiencial MBA is the journey to become the CEO of your business and your life. Learn both the art and science from Chris. Truly master the key pillars of a well-lived life so that you can have the experiential business and life you desire. Join Xperiential MBA to learn from Chris, his Xperiential MBA partner Executive Coach Carter Williams, and their special guests how to live an experiential life through the study of finance and wealth building, psychology, time management, decision making, health and nutrition, human behavior, corporate structure, leadership development and personal growth.

We’ll meet in person three times each year! Travel to locations across the country to learn & workshop with industry leaders and take in unique experiences. Plus, weekly virtual meetings to fully integrate your business & life as well as access to a community of growth-oriented leaders.

You will become a more full and complete human. We'll take Chris' experience and his voracious library to bring actionable items that elevate you to a more successful, fuller, happier life - in your business and beyond.

Take the opportunity to experience the growth that creates your ultimate success and happiness.

Be one of the select few that take their business and life to the next level 📈

Join our Experiential Community
Here’s What to Expect Each Month
Designed Consistent Monthly Rhythm and Curriculum.
We will follow a designed consistent monthly rhythm and curriculum.
  • WEEK 1

    Join Chris as he introduces and deep dives into one of his favorite topics around business, relationships, wealth, personal growth, health or spirituality. It’s exclusive learning that only Xperiential MBA members receive.

  • WEEK 2

    Learn through doing! Coach Carter takes the group through activities to enhance your mastery of the topic. Work from a workbook that you can even take back to your team to help you grow your people.

  • WEEK 3

    Chris & Carter will bring you a live expert interview. This is a truly experiential opportunity to spend an hour with an expert, learn their strategies and even ask them questions to enhance your skills.

  • WEEK 4

    Chris wraps the monthly topic by reviewing the book of the month. It’s a chance for you to share your learnings, accomplishments and synthesis with Chris and the group.

Invest In Your Business, Your Family, Yourself
We will deliver a true Xperiential MBA!

A traditional MBA will ring in well above $100,000 over two years. Most lack real-world experiences and practical applications. Almost none of them help you grow your business and enjoy the life that you really want.

Join Xperiential MBA and you get the following benefits as part of your investment:

  • (3) In-Person Events Each Year: including one-of-a-kind experiences, most meals, special guests, community building
  • (4) virtual meetings each month: Well over 40 hours each year being poured into from leaders & experts that will allow you to take your world even higher than it is now
  • A community of leaders who are looking for the same fulfillment, strategies, clarity, and skill sets as you are. You are not alone in this journey. Find your people who believe that they can truly live the life they want.
  • Access to Chris and Carter in between sessions. Stuck, have ideas, need a 2nd (expert) opinion… they are just a note or call away.

You get all this and more for only $1,500 per month.

Set up your auto-pay monthly or semiannually at $8,500

Make the Investment in Yourself Today

Meet the Leaders

Chris Suarez

Chris Suarez is the co-founder of PLACE, a full-service real estate and technology platform that partners with the top 20% of agents and teams by helping expand their profitability, value proposition to the consumer, and grow their unique local brand, all without having to leave the brokerage where they are currently affiliated. PLACE launched in February of 2020 with 41 of the top producing teams across the US and Canada from a variety of brokerage brands. In 2020, PLACE closed over $2 billion in sales volume, helping more than 5,400 homeowners, resulting in $54 million of residential real estate revenue. In addition to PLACE, Chris also leads the Xperience Brokerage Network which includes five offices that in 2020 closed more than $3 billion in volume, approximately $84 million in revenue, and over 8200 units.

Chris is passionate about coaching and speaking and leads a number of coaching and consulting programs through Xperience Growth Coaching. You will also find Chris speaking at industry events across the globe.

Prior to PLACE, Chris founded and served as the CEO of Xperience Real Estate, Keller Williams’ #3 expansion organization. Chris has been recognized as an Inman Innovator, RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker, and maintains a presence on the Real Trends "The Thousand". In addition to his real estate team, Chris owns and operates six Keller Williams franchise offices in the United States and is the Owner and Director of KW Costa Rica.

Chris’ personal mission is to build experiential lives through real estate. Chris lives this mission through travel and by creating lifetime experiences with his wife and two daughters.

Carter Williams

Coach Carter believes coaching is more than a job or career, it’s a calling. When he has the honor and opportunity to help someone on their path to life-changing success, it’s confirmation that he’s where he’s meant to be.

He is the Director of Coaching for Xperience Growth Coaching & Consulting. Carter is responsible for leading the company’s programs, working directly with select coaching & consulting clients, online & in-person training and growing the coaches & consultants on the team.

Coach Carter is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). He is certified Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Master Practitioner of Mental and Emotional Release(R) from the Association of Integrated Psychology (AIP). He is currently completing his certification as a NLP Coach with Empowerment, Inc.

Prior to Xperience Growth, Carter was a Keller Williams MAPS Coach. In addition to coaching, Carter and his wife Kristen built their real estate sales team to a 7-figure business. Coach Carter spent nearly a decade early in his professional career in marketing & advertising. Carter worked with national brands like AT&T & BMW. Carter loves spending free time with his family: Kristen, their daughters Ellee & Grace, and the family dog Luby.

Go Ahead, Do It!
Xperiential MBA is for you!

If you’ve made it this far, you already know Xperiential MBA is for you. Go for it!

Make the investment in yourself for your business, your family, your friends, your health, your wealth… YOURSELF