Xperience Leaders Hit the Inman Stage

Nald GuevarraNews

Xperience CEO Chris Suarez led the team track at Inman Connect. Included in the line-up were Xperience’s Director of Talent Acquisition and Engagement Holly Priestner and luxury icon, Jeannette Spinelli who leads Spinelli Residential Group powered by Xperience.

EXp Realty’s Veronica Figueroa and Xperience Real Estate’s Chris Suarez outline the agenda for running profitable real estate teams

BY INMAN JULY 31, 2019

EXp’s Figueroa Team CEO, Veronica Figueroa, and Xperience Real Estate’s CEO, Chris Suarez, organized the team track’s content at Inman Connect Las Vegas.

In the video above, they outline the team track agenda and top trends for teams, including:

  1. The difference between teams and brokerages

  2. Refocusing on profit

  3. Truly running an operations business

  4. The new value proposition

  5. Launching into immediate success

  6. What the new organizational chart looks like

  7. Why personal branding matters

  8. Expanding your team

  9. The real reason to get into luxury

  10. How to become the CEO of your team