Xperience Growth Summit 2017

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Success In Numbers!


This years Xperience Growth Summit was an absolute success! As you can see from the group picture, Xperience Real Estate has Xperienced extreme growth! Partner Agents from all accross the U.S. traveled to Portland to learn and grow their personal and professional lives as a team and family from structured group sessions, breakout teams, and one on one coaching to start off 2018 strong! Thank you for all those of you who attended and next year we hope to see YOU there with us!

Hometown Welcome!

A big thank you goes to the PDX Property Group team members for the warm welcome into their wonderful city of Portland for the Growth Summit. You make the Xperience feel like family especially to those Partners who traveled thousands of miles to be at the summit! We hope you enjoyed your time with us and look forward to next years Xperience Growth Summit!

Speakers Speakers Speakers!

This years summit brought days of back-to-back seminars with numerous speakers on topics such as Business Planning 2018, Living the One Thing, Growth Plans, Lead Generation Models, Winning with Lead Follow-Up, Social Media Growth, Quantum Leap, and Conquering the Close to name a few! Thank you to all of the speakers who traveled to PDX to speak! Click the video above for a Live Facebook Video Filmed at the Summit for FREE!


Take a look into what those little moments look like when the Xperience Real Estate team is busy living Xperiential Lives! How will you #XperienceGrowth?