Xperience Growth Coaching Announces Exclusive Real Estate Partnership with The Connector’s Way Coaching

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Xperience Growth Coaching Announces Exclusive Real Estate Partnership with The Connector’s Way Coaching

International real estate leader Chris Suarez and author-speaker Patrick Galvin join forces to bring The Connector’s Way to the real estate industry.

PORTLAND, OR (February 5, 2020) — Xperience Growth Coaching, the coaching division of Xperience Real Estate, announced an exclusive real estate partnership to bring The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program to the real estate industry. 

The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching Program is built from the book, The Connector’s Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time. The program provides a small, cohort learning setting that coaches participants to improve skills as connectors providing measurable goals and accountability. The program is open to anyone in the real estate industry, regardless of brokerage. 

“One of Xperience’s core values is relationships. Regardless of technology or other industry disruptors, relationships are at the heart of the real estate business. When I was introduced to Patrick and learned how he brings the concepts of The Connector’s Way to big names in the lending and insurance industries, I immediately thought of how this program could impact the Realtors. We do not see coaching around the timeless and fundamental concepts of building genuine relationships in our industry and we are in an industry where these skills are critical to our business success,” Xperience CEO Chris Suarez said. “People with strong connections are healthier, happier and more likely to perform at their peak to achieve greater success in business and life. Building on the belief that connecting is a skilled activity that can be learned, improved, tracked and measured, The Connector’s Way aligns perfectly with Xperience Real Estate’s strong principles and its commitment to growth—and we couldn’t be happier with this partnership.” –  said Patrick Galvin, author and creator of The Connector’s Way

Xperience first brought Galvin to the Xperience Growth Summit where he delivered a keynote address and met with the CEO’s of the large real estate businesses in the Xperience network from across the country. Xperience then selected an elite group of proven industry leaders with a coaching program to launch the new program.

The coaches are: 

Barb Dopp, CEO of Agents With a Smile (Boise, ID)Carter Williams, Director of Xperience Growth Coaching (Austin, TX)

Charlotte Mabry, CEO of The Charlotte Mabry Team (Chattanooga, TN)

Christine Ricci, CEO of The Ricci Team (White Plains, NY)

Deldi Ortegon, CEO of the Deldi Ortegon Group (McAllen, TX)

Zane Collins, Director of Sales of The Bucher Group (Austin, TX)

“As we explored the coaches for this program, we looked at who is known for building large businesses through strong connections and networks. These leaders are established, lead large businesses and are trained in coaching tactics. Their real estate expertise and authentic approach to relationships make them the perfect leaders to shape this conversation in the industry,” Suarez said. 

Learn more about The Connector’s Way Cohort Coaching for Real Estate here

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