Winning the Week

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“I can get up and do the work.” — Paul Wong

On Xperience’s weekly partner call, CEO Chris Suarez highlighted the performance results of the team members who are consistently “Winning the Week” — hitting both their lead generation goals and their personal development commitments.

The Xperience partners who have already surpassed more than $100,000 in GCI for the year have completed their lead-generation levers 75% of the time and their coaching commitments 83% of the time.

Suarez interviewed one of those high-performers, Paul Wong of Livermore, California. Paul and his wife faced significant financial pressure stemming from a group of restaurants that they own and operate. With the help of Xperience’s Director of Expansion, Katie Benson, he clarified his Big Why and focused on the business activities he could control.

In just the past six months, Paul has closed more than $75,000 in GCI and has another $90,000 pending.

“It’s been a whirlwind,” Paul said. “What I’ve taken away from my relationship with my coach is that I have choices. When I think the sky is falling, I can get up and do the work. Thanks to my conversations with Katie, it’s clear where my focus needs to be. I just do the work. That’s what I focus on.”

Since Paul and Katie charted his new productivity path, he has been able to “Win the Week” consistently. Indeed, he’s nailed his lead generation lever 11 of the past 12 weeks. And he wouldn’t think of missing one of his coaching calls!“

I was motivated by necessity,” Paul confessed. “I was staring at $6,500 of rent that was due and no revenue coming in and a restaurant that was in shambles.” Not only did the immediacy of financial need focus his actions, it clarified his Big Why. People that he loved needed him. And the most impactful thing he could do to help was to sell more homes.

“My conversations went from ‘OMG!’ to ‘It’s just one more house I have to take care of,’” Paul said. “That $6,500 is just another deal if I do the work.”

Chris applauded Paul for his commitment to personal and professional growth.

“When we’re Winning the Week the way Paul is, we’re combining activities with coaching, consulting, collaboration, and commitment,” he said. “And this matters more than ever when there’s adversity.”

As John Maxwell shared during Mega Camp, “Everyone has a good attitude during prosperity.” It’s how we show up when times are tough that reveals who we really are.