What is YOUR Constant?

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what is your constant?

By: Kristen and Carter Williams, Directors of Xperience Growth Coaching

Recently, I have been thinking about this idea of a constant. In our virtual church on YouTube our pastor, Dr. Haney dove into a series on Physics and Faith and how the two are in alignment. I am not planning to get into religion here, yet the conversation around “constants” has caused me to pause and consider the question, “What are my constants, in life and in business?”

When studying the definition, there are multiple ways of defining a constant. Here is what the dictionary says defines constant, “not changing or varying, uniform, regular, invariable, continue without pause, unceasing, persistent, faithful, unswerving in love, devotion, something that does not change or vary.”  In physics the definition is, “a number expressing a property, quantity, or relation that remains unchanged under specified conditions.”

When considering these definitions, I asked myself as a business coach and leader, “What are my constants?” And even more introspectively, Are my constants the right constants? Basically are my constants creating the results I want to accomplish that lead me to be the best version of myself in business, as a leader, coach, wife, and mother?

I am reminded of John Maxwell’s “Rule of Five” that he talks about frequently in many of his books on personal growth and leadership development. Maxwell’s Rule of Five are the five things he does every day, no matter what. 

John Maxwell’s Rule of Five:

  1. Each day he reads

  2. Each day he files

  3. Each day he thinks

  4. Each day he asks questions

  5. Each day he writes

Those 5 things he says he does every day, no matter what. I would say, and my guess is you’d agree, that he has achieved a level of success that is quite remarkable. He has written over 100 books, many of which top the charts of best leadership books and many of which I have read and would agree have positively impacted the trajectory of my business journey. Mr. Maxwell, committed to his constants, his “Rule of Five” writes EVERY DAY, that’s every single day, no matter what. 

Dialing this idea back to our industry, real estate, I have a feeling we may all know what one of our constants SHOULD be, am I right? It’s Lead Generation. Don’t we hear that all the time, over and over? And does this scenario sound familiar…  “I know coach, this thing came up, I had a buyer coming into town and they could only see homes in the mornings, every day last week, so next week I’ll make it up and do better, I promise.” Believe me, as a coach for many years, I’ve heard ALL THE EXCUSES and the excuses tell me is that by and large, we as agents are not prioritizing lead generation as a constant. Remember, a constant is “not changing or varying, it remains unchanged under specified conditions.” Whether a buyer came into town, an inspection is threatening to end a deal, or because we’re in 2020 your kid is home and you are homeschooling. 

It doesn’t matter, when lead generation is a constant, you’d GET IT DONE, EVERY DAY, NO MATTER WHAT.

This year has shifted a lot of things for everyone, leaders, coaches, agents, buyers & sellers, families –  we are all impacted by the changes that have occurred this year. As I step back to look at those thriving as compared to those merely surviving, I see the agents that have doubled down on lead generation are seeing the results.

Now, what CAN vary is the WHEN. Yes, this is me giving you permission to change the WHEN you do lead generation as long as you respect it as a constant in your daily business. Definitely best practice is lead generate early, yet even better practice is doing it EVERY DAY NO MATTER WHAT, treat it as a CONSTANT in your business.

I’ll ask you to consider this, what is your constant? Like, right now, what is currently your constant? What shows up for you every day no matter what? And, is it the right constant that’s moving you towards your goals and towards your best version of yourself? If it’s not, then define for yourself now, what would you CHOOSE to be your constant in your business and life? As John Maxwell leads as an example, what could your constant “Rule of Five” be for you? Define that now and go make that happen. I’d bet that when you implement your constants, the ones you’d choose for yourself that allow you to be the best version of yourself, you’ll see amazing results show up!