Welcome The Amanda Ponce Team

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“We compared every single team and by far, Xperience was aligned completely with our goals.”– Amanda Ponce


   On this week’s partner call, Xperience welcomed a new team, The Amanda Ponce Team, to the Xperience family. Amanda Ponce closed 88 units as a solo agent in 2017. This year, she added her husband, David, to the team as a buyers agent in addition to two operations team members. This unstoppable agent with grit, energy and a strong desire to help others looks forward to growing her business and her team members’ opportunities with the Xperience family.On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed Amanda about her business and her decision to partner with Xperience. Chris set the framework that is Amanda one of the most successful entrepreneurs he has ever met and that she has a high ceiling of achievement. Here are a few key points from the interview with Amanda.

Amanda on her early business:

It was important for my business to know where it was coming from, what was the source. So much was coming from our sphere of influence and referrals so we focused on zeroing down on that. The business comes from my passion for delivering exceptional customer service. We are blessed and lucky that people call us constantly to send us referrals or to ask for help. The true honor is ours.

Amanda on year two of her business:

I entered into my second year of real estate and started farming to dominate the neighborhood that I lived in. Our business shifted to 80% SOI/referrals and 20% farming. One of the many reasons I joined Xperience is because there is still so much more opportunity to dominate a neighborhood and take 80% of market share versus 20% by following models and systems plus the help with marketing. Also, Xperience will help me be more intentional, blocking my time to make it to every appointment, work on conversion and to take as many listings as possible.

Chris’ Comments about Amanda’s Austin Platinum Top 50 Honor:

This award is further proof of your alignment to our team. You are focused on production but you give back, love your community and deliver incredible service. You are growth minded and love education. So does Xperience.(The Platinum Top 50 is based on production, education and sharing knowledge, community involvement.)

Amanda on the Process She Took to Join Xperience:

When we choose to do something, we want to make sure it is the right partner. I have been with Keller Williams since I started. Disrupting your business can be costly to your brand and systems. We wanted to make sure it was the right partnership. We focused on education, went to Spring Masterminds and took ESO so that we could really understand how it (expansion) works. Different teams were approaching us. We compared every single team and by far, Xperience was aligned completely with our goals. We see coaching as a gift. It’s not just about where I want to go, it’s also about my team. This is not just for me but for opportunities for our team — developing them, keeping them engaged, making sure they are happy and that I am helping them. Xperience does this.