Ten Tactical Tips on Social Media Recruiting

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By: Holly Priestner, Director of Talent, Xperience Real Estate

You are more than a real estate business, you are a “best place to work!” 

Are you leveraging social media to tell that story? If you are not, now is the time to begin. Research shows that 92% of employers are using social media to attract talent. To be competitive in talent attraction, you must take action. 

As you build your talent brand, implement these ten tactical tips on social media recruiting: 

  • Make sure you have an established brand online. All of your posts — real estate related and talent related — should have a consistent voice and tone.

  • Don’t think of social media as advertising, focus on storytelling.

  • Video will provide 10 times the engagement as a static post.

  • When using video, focus more on telling a story and providing value. Focus less on if you are having a bad hair day or that the video is from your phone and not a professional videographer.

  • People love to see “behind the scenes.” Share moments from a day in the life of your team. 

  • Involving your team results in eight times more engagement. Spotlight your team members’ successes and also provide content that they want to share on their own channels.

  • Show some fun! In addition to production and success based stories, show the human side of your team. Capture the story of the team celebrating, playing and growing together.

  • Remember, the purpose of social media is to create a conversation. Don’t just post. Ask questions and reply to comments. Send direct messages to the people who engage or comment the most.

  • Don’t sit back and wait for talent to come to you. Actively follow, like and direct message the stars who you would like to be in business with.

  • Use social media platforms where you are consistently posting. There is no need to begin new channels or overthink. Be where you already have a presence, be consistent, and be yourself. 

The worst thing we can do is not take action because we are focused on perfection. Just like in real estate, you learn as you grow. Get started, have some fun and be a competitor in the infinite talent game.