Motivation & Behavior Change

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Generally speaking, we are guided by two kinds of motivation:

  • Intrinsic: Internal. Doing something for the pure want of something. Desires and self-driven. This comes from within and wanting to do something for its own sake. 

  • Extrinsic: External. Doing something for external rewards such as other people’s approval or to avoid punishment.

Our intrinsic motivation tends to gets shaky and decreases as the level of the success goes up. If we are just extrinsically motivated, we will find ourselves empty. Don’t let the extrinsic motivation be the starter or the fuel. The intrinsic motivation must be the starter.


Behavioral change demands self-discipline and self-control. We tend to use these terms interchangeably, but there’s a subtle difference.


  1. Self-discipline refers to achieving desirable behavior.

  1. Self-control refers to avoiding undesirable behavior.

“When we wake up in the dark morning hours to hit the gym, or run a weekly meeting so that it ends on time, or leave work with a clean desk, or remember to thank our colleagues for helping us, we’re displaying self-discipline — repeating positive actions consistently. When we deny ourselves that which we most enjoy—whether it’s stifling the urge to crack wise at someone else’s expense or saying no to a second helping of dessert—we’re displaying self-control.”

When is self discipline most important? It’s when you are feeling unmotivated or when you are under stress. When you have strong discipline, it makes it easier to make good decisions and take control.

Go to your coach today and ask where you need self-discipline in your business.

You may even try applying an audit approach to your life and business. Perform 3 Audits;

  1. Audit your expenses – Expenses may have been blown up or gotten a little fat. Get them back into shape.

  2. Audit your processes – This is an efficiency audit.

  3. Audit your capacity – Shed excess capacity and get back to things that make you money.