Lever of Loyalty and Reciprocity

Nald GuevarraGrowth, Partner Calls


We often carry a contempt for the imperfections of others; and we use those imperfections as a rationalization for disloyalty.  However, we need to realize that we can unload a tremendous weight from ourselves if we just cast off unrealistic expectations from others and simply stay loyal to them as human beings.When other people are not with you, they are in the dark about how you are treating or talking about them.  They don’t know what you are saying about them or even whether you’re loyal to them and it’s in these instances where your true character shows.  If someone complains about someone else to you, instead of adding to the other person’s list of complaints and faults, it would be better and even easier to compliment the person being complained against. Something like “He is really competent…and a real good person. He will want to correct this. Lets talk to him about the issue so we can solve it.” is better than agreeing to the other person about his faults and adding fuel to the fire of hate and disrespect.


In the professional world, how do you talk about your competition?  When talking about others, always remember that if you allow people around you to label others, castigate, or stereotype,then you know they will also do that to you at some point.  This is mainly because your indifference and your tolerance of their negativity shows that you don’t care about principles.

The key to the ninety nine is the one!

If you defend the integrity of someone that is not in the room, it tells all others that you would do the same for them and raises your value overall.

“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” -John Joseph Powell

The concept of fairness is deeply ingrained – that what you give comes back to you.  There is no win in life if others do not also win.To improve relationships, don’t look to others to change and don’t look to easy shortcuts.  Look to yourself.  The roots of your problems are in your character but then again, so are the root solutions.  The test of the quality of any relationship is found in the little things of every day, the little courtesies, acts of kindness, the give and take in little moments.

And this is why here at Xperience Real Estate, we look to each other for support and regard each other with the same LOYALTY, COURTESY, RESPECT and KINDNESS as we aspire to be treated.