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”   Joining Xperience is like buying a franchise with no money down.   “    -- Francis Zipeto

Joining Xperience is like buying a franchise with no money down.— Francis Zipeto

On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed Francis Zipeto, an Xperience Partner from Orlando, FL about his goals and his path to Xperience. Here is a brief summary of the conversation.

Path to Xperience: 
Francis began his real estate career in 2008 and joined Keller Williams in 2010. He had the opportunity to successfully relaunch a failing Market Center and led that office for four years. After leaving Market Center leadership, he led a big team. He realized that he spent a decade building for others and wanted to build his own empire. Francis and his wife made a commitment to be 100% virtual and made investments in non-real estate companies and researched real estate options. They considered purchasing a Market Center and then he talked to an Xperience Growth Leader, Bradie Pittman. When Bradie showed Francis the various paths in Xperience he realized that Xperience is not like other expansion teams where one is simply joining a team to do production. He said, “Joining Xperience is like buying a franchise with no money down.”

The Power of Systems: 
Francis noted that as a Team Leader of a Market Center and as a leader of a team, it is difficult to watch talented people not succeed because they refuse to follow a proven system. To Francis, time is more valuable than money — time with family, time to travel, time to do other things. He said, “Plugging into Xperience systems can turn a decade of exploration into days. I want to help people turn decades into days.” His commitment to mastering Xperience’s systems has enabled him to complete ALL of his lead generation in 2.5 to 3.5 days depending on the week. Think about that — and he currently has six pendings and four active listings.

Listen to Francis’ full interview here!