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  Our organizational mission is to Build Xperiential Lives Thru Real Estate.  In order to live experientially it requires, and in fact demands, that we start with this word, INTENTION.Intention involves our mindset, our perspective, our future self, and what I call our “strategy for living”.  Too often we are actually living backwards while going thru TIME in forward motion. We build today around “one day I will”, or “someday I hope”…and unfortunately “one day” and “someday” are not typically left up to us.Experiential Living comes down to five main keys:-Intention:  Mindset, Perspective, Setting Goals-Creation:  Defining and creating your future self, Charting the course, Setting the end game-Execution:  In Business, Relationships, Giving, Spirituality, Development-Protection:  Saying no, Deleting, Eliminating outside influence-Multiplication:  Invite others to join you, Give to others, Amplify your lifeEvery single one of us is entitled to feel fulfilled by the work we do.  Fulfillment isn’t another word for happiness. Fulfillment is different.Happiness comes from the things we do for ourselves, such as buying new pair of shoes or the latest smartphone, and can offer a quick hit of dopamine that makes us feel good.  But when that feeling wears off, we need to do or buy something else to get the next rush.  Shopping may give us fleeting happiness but will never give us lasting fulfillment.We don’t necessarily find happiness in our jobs every day either, but we can feel fulfillment by our work everyday if it makes us feel part of something bigger than ourselves.  So happiness comes from what we do.  Fulfillment comes from why we do it.Another way to think of the WHY is a piece of a jigsaw puzzle.. When you know what your piece looks like, it’s much easier to see where it fits or doesn’t fit.. When others can see your piece, they can see whether it fits with theirs. If it fits, that’s when the image starts to take shape.  In the real world, that looks like a team coming together to advance a common vision, and knowing who to invite to join your team.