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   Motivation is overrated…environment matters more.Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.People choose products not because of what they are but because of where they are. Despite our unique personalities, certain behaviors tend to arise again and again under certain environmental conditions.  In church, people tend to whisper.  On a dark street, people act wary and guarded.  The most common form of change is not internal, but external; we are changed by the world around us.  A group of hospital leaders were concerned about how much soda was being consumed at the hospital cafeteria.  They thought through how to lead a change towards healthy eating and drinking. Would they motivate people with posters?  Motivate them with training and classes? Motivate them with videos of what happens when people drink soda? Upon a walk thru of the cafeteria, they found that there was soda everywhere for purchase.  In the case by the sandwiches, in the as by the drinks, in the case by the cash register. They decided on one simple change. They placed water bottle everywhere the soda was. The only thing they changes was the physical environment of the cafeteria.  Immediately, soda sales went down by 11.4% and water increased by 25.8%.  ENVIRONMENT was the quickest, dramatic, and effective way to change the BEHAVIOR of the customer.Kurt Lewen a psychologist in 1936 wrote this equation:  Behavior is a function of the Person in Their Environment or B = f(P,E)We drink Starbucks because they are on every corner. We assume we chose it, but rather, in many actions we take each day we are shaped not by the purposeful drive and choice but by the most obvious option in our environment.What environment have you built?  What environment do you need to accomplish your real goals.