Command the Consumer Xperience with Bobby Moats

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Keller Williams Director of Labs, Bobby Moats, visited the Xperience Growth Summit and presented, “Command the Consumer Xperience.” Bobby pointed out that much like the focus Xperience has on connection and relationships, the Keller Williams Consumer Experience is simply building on that and bringing it to the digital space. 

Here are a few key points about why Xperience can’t wait to “Command the Consumer Xperience.” 

  • KW technology is built by agents for agents.

  • KW Tech benchmarked all of the consumer experience apps to create the best consumer experience product in the real estate space. 

  • KW Command is empowering you to be a better agent by taking function off of your plate so that you can be a better fiduciary of your business. 

  • KW Command is ALL built for the consumer experience.

  • The consumer experience is going to change the game and the land grab is coming. 

  • Consumer experience is creating stickiness with your clients. Every time your client picks up their app, they will see your face. Regardless of what market they are in, when they hit “discuss,” it always goes back to you — for referrals and for local opportunities. 

After a lively question and answer, Bobby concluded with, “At the end of the day, the tech we are creating is to help you build better relationships.”