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This week, after teaching Expansion Systems Orientation at Keller Williams Realty International, Chris had the opportunity to spend time with Gary Keller. Gary shared a powerful thought on choices.“The more options you have, the more likely it is that you do not choose, so you will move towards what has always been done…Lack of clarity actually will cause people to do what they’ve always done.”How do we gain clarity so that we make powerful choices? As the BOLD Law states, “Clarity is power.” In High Performance Habits, Brendon Burchard provides insights to seek clarity on who you want to be; how you want to interact with others; what you want; and what will bring you the greatest meaning.Brendan says that improving a bad thing is easy for the achiever. But messing with a good thing? That’s terrifying. Seeking clarity helps high performers keep engaged, growing and fulfilled for the marathon, not the sprint. Studies show that having a specific plan attached to your goals, and knowing when and where you will do something can more than double the likelihood of achieving a challenging goal.How do we do this?

Envision the Future Four: High performers are clear on their intention for themselves, their social world, their skills and their service to others.

Self: Actively do things that exhibit a future characteristic you desire. Don’t wait to demonstrate a characteristic, live into your best self now.  Be intentional about who you want to become. Have vision beyond your current circumstances.

Social: Anticipate positive social interactions and strive consciously and consistently to create them. Ask:

•    Before you went into your last meeting, did you think about how you wanted to interact with each person in the meeting?

•    Before your last call, did you think about the tone you would choose to use with the other person?

•    Do you actively think about how to be a better listener, how to generate positive emotions with others and how you can be a good role model?

Skills: High performers are very clear about the skill sets they need to develop now to win in the future. They focus on their primary field of interest (PFI) and set up activities or routines to develop skill in that area. They approach their learning not as generalists but as specialists.

Service: High performers care deeply about the difference they are going to make for others. In contrast, when someone becomes disconnected from the future and their contribution to it, they underperform. For high performers the question “How can i serve with excellence?” gets more attention than any other.

Determine the Feeling You’re After: Ask yourself, what is the primary feeling that I want to bring to the situation? Then, what is the primary feeling that I want to get from the situation? Your immediate emotion does not have to be the real emotion. Define What’s Meaningful: Brendan provides the Clarity Chart to bring focus to what you find is meaningful. Access the Clarity Chart and other tools here.