BOLD 100

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“I am deathly afraid of spiders, appropriately cautious of clowns and it’s the squirrels you really gotta watch out for.”— Jordan Linnenkugel

BOLD, Business Objectives Life By Design, is one of the most powerful programs offered by KW MAPS, written by Dianna Kokoszka.

On Xperience Real Estate’s Friday Partner Call, CEO Chris Suarez interviewed Xperience Partner Jordan Linnenkugel of Lubbock, Texas asking her to share her success completing BOLD 100 four weeks in a row.

BOLD 100 is when an agent has 100 conversations in one day, where at some point, they ask for business — not 100 contacts, 100 conversations! Jordan has set the intention to complete the BOLD 100 during every step of BOLD this fall.

“I am deathly afraid of spiders, appropriately cautious of clowns and it’s the squirrels you really gotta watch out for, “ Jordan exclaimed as the interview began. “There is wrong and right way to do it so prioritize and plan the activities because it is mass chaos.”

Admitting that some weeks were more successful than others, Jordan said that when she is laser focused, she can hit her 100 conversations in five and a half hours. It’s when she chases the squirrels, it can take her up to 12 hours which she says leads to “BOLD fatigue”. “Now, I am laser focused and have to create a bubble.” Jordan said as she shared the sign that she puts on her office door to help build her bubble and that her husband is assigned all of the kid duties on her Monday BOLD 100 days. The key to efficiency is to plan beforehand…prepare and have an action plan. Jordan’s action plans include call lists, when and where she plans to have in-person conversations and of course, provisions such as snacks and coffee.She batches her time. She knows exactly how many in-person conversations she will have when attending activities at her children’s schools or in the community. She blocks time for her SOI calls and recognizes that those are the conversations that take the longest. To keep the sphere calls as professional as possible, Jordan starts the call by informing her contacts that she is calling about business and that she wants to be respectful of their time. She rewards herself at the end of the day by making 10-12 gratitude calls.

The results have been powerful, she has put four houses under contract so far, her pipeline is growing and she has multiple appointments set with buyers and sellers as well as people who are interested in joining Keller Williams. More importantly, her purposefulness has given her freedom to live an Xperiential life.

“I was able to get my kids on the first day of school. If you have things planned and scheduled, it can mold your life. It doesn’t have to overtake your life,” Jordan said.

By making her calls in the beginning of the week, the rest of her week is less chaotic with less squirrels and time bandits. Jordan’s story demonstrates what you can do when you know exactly what to do and give yourself the freedom to do it. During Jordan’s interview, Chris challenged the entire Xperience team to complete the BOLD 100 next week. Stay tuned on XperienceGrowth’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.