Ask Us Anything

Nald Guevarrablogposts


Humans are the assets of the business. This was the common theme in the conversation between Chris Suarez and Ben Kinney at the pre-Mega Camp Event, Ask Us Anything. While each of them had their own paths that led them to real estate, they both agreed that people and the relationships they built with those people were instrumental for their successes. 

Chris stated “All of us want to be valuable- we question our worth which drives complexity. When I got clear that the more simple it is, the move value I can add to people. We have to figure out where our value is to the group. We are motivated by others.” 

Ben Kinney also recognized the importance of adding value. He stated “What value am I going to bring my people every day. That is a duty of a leader. Before I earned the right to lead anyone, first I had to lead myself.”

As Xperience partners, we need to understand that each and every one of us is here for a reason. We seek to provide value to Xperience and to our business each and every day.