6 Hacks to Stop Imposter Syndrome

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“I don’t deserve to be in this room.”
“I don’t belong in the company of these people.”
“I’m a fraud… pretty soon they’re going to figure it out.”

These are the common thoughts, feelings & beliefs of people who have imposter syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is more classically defined as feelings of self-doubt and personal incompetence despite the education, experience and accomplishments that points to an ability to succeed.

In short, you have what it takes to be successful in an environment or endeavor, yet you think that you’re in over your head and not deserving to be there.

The problem with imposter syndrome is that it affects your self confidence and will cause your performance to suffer. Think about it, if you felt like you’re a fraud and about to be found out, how could you possibly do your best work?

If you don’t get past imposter syndrome, the fear of not getting the results you want could turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here’s 6 hacks to get past feeling like an imposter.

Acknowledge the feelings

When you acknowledge and create awareness of how you’re feeling, it brings it to the forefront of your mind. There, you can deal with it through conscious logic. You’ll more easily notice that the imposter syndrome doesn’t make sense because you are capable of success based on previous accomplishments.

Build a support system to invalidate your fears

Find people that can validate and affirm why we should be in that room or doing that job. Often other people can see how successful we can be better than we can. Allow them to remind you specifically why you deserve the opportunity.

Challenge the imposter beliefs 

The facts don’t support your imposter beliefs & feelings. You have the experience to succeed. Review your resume, experience and accomplishments. Make it a point to focus on your successes. Think about your wins and let them resonate emotionally. Challenge how it’s possible to have all that going for you and being an imposter at the same time. Bottom line: it can’t.

Stop with the “yeah, buts”

“Yeah I know I accomplished [fill in an accomplishment here], but…” Quit negating what you’ve done in the past that points to how you can be successful now. Change the story to “I did it before so that means I can do it again.” Or remind yourself “I’ve accomplished [fill in an accomplishment here], so that means I can do [fill in what success in your current role looks like].

Find what’s true about you

Imposter syndrome tells us we’ll not be successful at something even though we have experience that says otherwise. Ask yourself “what is it about me specifically that made me successful in that previous experience? How can I apply that quality about me to this present opportunity?” When you realize what’s intrinsically true about you, the imposter syndrome cannot live on.

Don’t compare yourself to others

Many times imposter syndrome can come about because we look around and see all these other people with perceived greater experience than us. You’re always going to find people that have a more accomplished resume. Remind yourself that their accomplishments have nothing to do with your accomplishments. Connect with the unique gifts and perspective you bring that will ultimately make you successful & happy.

You are now better equipped to break out of the self-limiting beliefs and feelings of imposter syndrome with these 6 hacks.

You can also schedule a call with Coach Carter if you want to let go of imposter syndrome. Be your best at work and have more happiness when you release the feelings of being an imposter.