3 Simple Strategies to achieve your goals

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What appears to be a simple question is anything except simple. “How do you achieve your goals?” The answer to this question can contain more varieties than Forrest Gump can serve up shrimp.

When you really boil it down, though, the answer can be a simple one: an action that achieves a positive result. Considering this perspective, we can narrow down what we can do that will a) create action that b) gets a positive result. Of course, the result we’re looking for from the action is one that brings us closer to our goal.

Below are 3 simple strategies that help you plan out and execute specific actions that will lead to positive results.

ABC Plan
To hit big goals, we need to hit micro goals. That’s where the ABC plan comes in. We want to make sure that day-in-day-out we are successfully moving forward.

We make three plans that have outcomes that ensure success… Here’s how it works:

Plan A: ideal outcome you could experience through any given situation.
If Plan A is not happening…
Plan B: Change focus to gain something more achievable and still valuable.
And if Plan B is not in the cards…
Plan C: Back up to the backup. It’s a safety net that ensures that you will always be successful.

In real life, the ABC looks like this:
Plan A: Set 1 sales appointment during morning lead follow-up time
Plan B: Provide valuable information that moves people closer to meeting with you
Plan C: Learn how you can create a better connection with people

Clearly, Plan A is optimum. We would want to set an appointment. Plan B helps us to create future appointments, which is a win. And, Plan C will make sure that our skill set increases, which also helps us in the future. If we are intentional about following this plan, no activity is wasted because everything ensures that we come up successful.

Before you start an action, figure out your Plan A, Plan B & Plan C to ensure your success.

Deliberate Practice
We can define deliberate practice as a lifelong effort to improve performance in a specific domain. In essence, you are intentional about getting better in a particular craft for a particular reason. The higher your specific skill sets are toward hitting your goal, the better your chance at achieving it.

Kobe Bryant comes to mind when thinking about deliberate practice. He is known for his work ethic and laser focus on increasing his core skills in basketball. Recently, he was inducted into the basketball Hall of Fame. I caught some commentary and stories about him from a former coach that shared a story about Kobe when he was newer in the NBA. He told a story about watching Kobe practice the moves he was going to use based on how he thought the defense in the next game would play him. He did this for one hour, practicing by himself. That is deliberate practice.

Ask yourself: what skills can you further develop to achieve the highest performance in your chosen craft?

Your Success Formula
We all know that goals are achieved over an extended time… usually months or years. Because of this, we must keep our energy high to sustain momentum and motivation toward the goal.

That’s where the Success Formula comes in. It’s specific elements of our life in which we focus on to keep our overall energy high. The factors in your Success Formula allow you to maximize your energy and thereby propel you to perform at your maximum current potential.

Everyone’s Success Formula will vary. Here an example of a formula if you’re goal was to lead a team to success:

Spiritual – remember your connection to your mission
Mental – stay focused and undistracted
Emotional – no matter what happens, choose to remain calm
Physical – stay loose & relaxed
Social – remember to enjoy who you’re with
Environmental – Take a moment to notice the beauty around you
Philosophy – You’re seeking long-term mastery, not specific outcomes
Skills – remember to communicate clearly when talking with others

The perspectives in the success formula will help keep you focused on the journey toward your goal.

Jot down some notes about what you think your Success Formula includes right now.

Any or all of these strategies can provide mental, emotional and physical skills to chase down your biggest goals. The question “how do you hit your goals?” doesn’t have to be a mystery.