A Business Conversation with Gary Keller

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A Business Conversation with Gary Keller

Xperience CEO Chris Suarez recently returned from a special mastermind with Keller Williams co-founder and CEO Gary Keller. On a recent Friday Partner Call, Chris shared a business conversation that drove home that even in the changing landscape of real estate, the fundamentals still apply. Below are some of Chris’ key takeaways and how they apply to Xperience.

Consumer Direct:

The game has not changed. As real estate agents and business people we have a unique opportunity to be consumer direct, go directly to the consumer. The brokerage community started out that way, going to the consumer directly. Why would we change that? Traditional lead generation is as critical as ever — go direct to the consumer. When you meet someone face-to-face when door knocking or during an open house, you are going directly to the consumer. When you call a FSBO, an expired or your database, you are going directly to the consumer. Get in front of the consumer.

Build a Business:

You don’t get to call yourself a business person if ALL you do is sales. Don’t say “I’m working on my business,” if what you have is really a team. Business is something else than sales team. Business is “they do it”.

Great businesses start with the thought that it is there to make a certain amount of money. Too often we start running it and hoping it makes profit. Hope is not a strategy. You can’t just build and run and not hold your business accountable to making you money.

Lead Gen:

Football coaching legend, Lou Holz begins every season with his team by holding up a football and saying, “This is a football.” What seems obvious to a group of world class athletes is a reminder of the importance of the fundamentals. 

In our world, that is lead generation. Every growth or change in my business will always be the result of more leads. More leads is true north.


Profit is a line item.

All expenses fall into three categories:

  1. This is for my ego.

  2. This is for my clients ego.

  3. This generates a lead or is a contribution to profit.

If you can’t draw a direct path to profit to the expense than it needs to go.