When Enough is Enough

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My client said “I’m not doing enough.”

You can imagine the context of this conversation. They do not have the desired results a month into the year. Results are coming, just haven’t arrived yet.

How often does this happen? We are looking for instant results and get frustrated or down on ourselves when it doesn’t show up like we want.

Many of us want instant gratification, yet are also programmed to believe that success takes a lot of work. We’re in a quandary. We want to be successful now and there’s another part of us that doesn’t believe we’ve done enough to get it.

This is where an energy spiral can start to happen. We are disappointed in the results and then are upset with ourselves for not doing more.

Here’s the reality about that. What we do – i.e. our actions – starts with our energy. Our energy suggests how we currently view ourselves.

We have a lack of results and say “I gotta DO more.” We say that because deep down we believe “I gotta BE more.”

The feeling of wanting to be more comes from a place of not believing we’re enough. When we tap into that belief, it’s hard for us to push through the daily challenges to get the kind of success we desire and are capable of.

The most important understanding in our success and goal achievement is that we are enough. We must know we have enough inside of us to max our capabilities. Tapping into that “enoughness” allows us to level up our skills and push ourselves to the edge. The edges are tough as it is, we don’t need to be battling ourselves, too.

We can all go down this rabbit hole like my client started down. After some tools & techniques to return back to their “enoughness” they realized that they were actually taking bolder actions than in the past. They more clearly saw the opportunities to increase their skills & shift their approach to achieve their goals. They started taking the results as feedback to adjust as opposed to a statement about themselves.

There’s no question that all the desired results are coming. 

There’s power in enough. We are all enough. I am enough. YOU are enough.