This Key Unlocks Your Goals

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Your values are where you make or break your results.

Your values are your deepest level of mental programming. You evaluate how you spend your time based on your values, which is the foundation of motivation and desire. Through that motivation, we’re driven to do the activities necessary to achieve the goals we have.

Aligning with your values is the key that unlocks your potential and creates the environment to hit your goals.

The challenge is that your core values are buried deep in your unconscious mind. In order to effectively align with them to unlock your greatest potential, you must uncover them.

Such was the case for a client of mine. We started working together because their business had plateaued. They plateaued along with it.

It wasn’t from a lack of effort or focus. In fact, effort and focus were ingrained in them. They had previously been an elite athlete until injuries forced them from competing. When we were working together, they were training for a 3rd or 4th Ironman triathlon. They had grit to spare.

Based on their background, they believed success came from grinding it out. They chose the most grueling ways to build a business. It worked! They were successful, yet they were ground down in the process. That created the plateau and discouragement. I know you can relate to this story more or less.

We uncovered their core values and applied them to their business. They moved from being engaged in a more transactional feeling business to one where they actively fostered deeper relationships. We made that shift to align them with their values.

We changed their activity focus from cold calling hundreds of people a week to forging deeper relationships with just a few dozen. They went from hours on the phone to coffee shop meetings.

They were transformed! They showed up lighter with more joy and fulfillment after they discovered and aligned their values with their business.

As a small side note 😉 they doubled their business by the end of that year breaking through a multiple year plateau.

Uncovering and aligning with your values can also provide clarity on what you do in your business.

Another client started working with me because they were burned out and unfulfilled with their job. Although they had been successful by all the measures (money, title, etc.) they were dissatisfied and simply felt stuck.

They had been with a company for about many years. The first part of their stint, they had been hired on as a C-suite executive for a start-up. Their executive team grew the company and was acquired by a Fortune 500 company. My client moved to work inside the larger company after the acquisition.

The years of bureaucracy and bosses-of-bosses making key decisions slowly ate away at their spirit.

When we uncovered their values it better illuminated the environment they wanted to be in and what they wanted to do.

Just a few months later, they were recruited to the C-suite of a growing company where they can put their values into action.

Imagine what heights you would reach if you connected with and aligned with your values.

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