The Power of Moments

Nald GuevarraGrowth, Partner Calls

Xperience Real Estate is reading The Power of Moments.

On this week’s Friday Partner Call, the team discussed chapters seven and nine, focusing on creating moments in times of pride.

The book uses the example of recognizing those who donated to a school. While it seems that expressing gratitude initially goes against scaling, it is the one thing people remember about their experience. Not only that, once you express gratitude, we feel a rush afterwards. While the recipient is pleased, the spirit of the person sharing the gratitude is elevated. Expressing that gratitude is the “exclamation point” on the prose of life. The same goes with achievements. We must multiply the milestones in our lives — and in the lives of our clients, colleagues, and mentees. We tend to mark only big, predictable milestones. The real win here is for us to pick up the small ones that would not otherwise be noted.

For example, FitBit has an “India Badge” users receive when they have walked 1,997 miles. That random number is the distance from one part of India to another.In real estate, the default is to celebrate production. How can we multiply the milestones and celebrate small achievements that might not otherwise be noted?

Xperience celebrates weekly milestones in “winning the week.” This means they executed their lead generation lever, showed up for their one-on-one coaching call, and participated in a hangout and the Friday Partner Call. There are clear small milestones to celebrate. Most importantly, to win the week, one has to “win the day.”

We must practice courage AND recognize those who demonstrate courage. When people start to recount the proudest moments of their life, they start with loved ones: The day I got married, the day my child was born, the day my child graduated. We naturally move to moments barriers were overcome, victories won and successes earned. We take pride in the people we love, we take pride in our own achievements, but there is something missing.

Consider how people describe other moments of pride: I stood up for someone. I held firm and took the heat. I made a stand for something I believe in.  They are not moments of achievement, but rather moments of courage. They are often fleeting and unexpected. How can we focus on recognizing and celebrating these moments? Again, creating exclamation points in the prose of life.