The 4 C’S with Geneva Feldman

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“In the last 5 months Xperience has changed my mindset, focus and outlook. I have never been a better agent in the 10 years I have been doing this. I always think ‘What would my life be like if I we worked together when I started in 2007?’ It has even impacted my ability to communicate and understand people in my personal relationships.” 

-Geneva Feldman

 On this Friday’s Partner Call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed Dallas Partner Geneva Feldman. Learn how Geneva has “xperienced growth” through the team’s 4C’s: coaching, consulting, collaboration and commitment.

Consulting –I used to be a single agent just winning it. I was starting to get in a slump and thought I might have to become a Walmart greeter. Then I joined Xperience team and immediately saw a shift in my mindset.  All the resources available to me have made such a difference. After launch, I was able to use the Xperience scripts to easily communicate with my clients. I also will pull up scripts from Slack in order to enhance all of my conversations. My first transaction with Xperience was during launch and came from an OH script on Xperince Growth.

Collaboration –I have started getting on Slack more than I get on Facebook. It has been cool to see people really care about each other’s business. We have partners from all regions of the nation and I really love to see how they handle business and support one another. People on Slack have given me more resources, scripts and support than I could have ever imagined. The collaboration has made me really feel like “oh my gosh, I can really do this. This is my career and I can be successful.”

Coaching –Phil (Phil Gazca, a Regional Director for Xperience) did not know that when he called me, I had just had a really difficult million-dollar cash buyer and was in a slump on my couch. When he told me, I would be under him and I had worked with him previously, so I knew his style and knew he was going to care about me. Then during launching I met Jessica and Marley and loved the support I was getting. I immediately saw my mindset turning around after joining Xperience.

Commitment –To hear Geneva’s commitment to her growth, click here.