Spend 20 Minutes with a $2 Million GCI Earner

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In May, the Charlotte Mabry Team based in Chattanooga announced it was partnering with Xperience Real Estate. After three decades as a real estate professional — and more than $500 million in lifetime sales — Mabry was eager to align her business with a learning-based organization that could provide her team with the systems, coaching and consulting to take their business to the next level.

Each week, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez hosts a companywide call with Xperience partners. Suarez recently interviewed Mabry about her background, goals, and why her team was attracted to being part of a leading expansion business. Here are a few highlights.

On her background:

I’m coming up on 32 years as a real estate agent. Like Mo Anderson, I came to real estate after a career as a music teacher. About 25 years ago, I started building a real estate team. If you’d like to know what not to do, I’m your gal! Through failure, I have learned what works and what does not. AND, my goal is to continue to learn from those at the head of the pack, innovating in the industry.

On what she learned as a school teacher:

Selling is not telling — it’s educating. We all know the proverbial salesperson who just tells you things. You have to find a way to come alongside people and teach them, coach them, and train them. The best teachers teach by asking questions. And they help people think that they thought of an idea.

On the importance of character:

You either have character or you are one. Our team’s slogan is: “We do real estate right.” Fifty percent of our business comes from our sphere of influence. After making the choice to be a voice in the community for our industry, I host a radio program talking about real estate. I work hard to provide the community with value. It shows that we’re aligned and it reflects who we are as a team.

On her decision to move to Keller Williams 11 years ago:

I was with another company and I went to my broker and said, “I want to double my business. What do I do?” I remember her exact words: “I don’t know.” That prompted me to make a change. I’m so thankful to have found a home where I’m fed and led — a company with systems and a clear path. Just thinking about this past week, my brain hurts from being on so many Hangouts with the Xperience team!

On the decision to partner with Xperience:

It’s like we spent our entire career coaching or playing at the high school level and suddenly have the opportunity to play in the Major Leagues. I have awesome, awesome team members. And I am so excited for them to engage in the larger Xperience network, dive into the growth opportunities, and take advantage of the paths available! They don’t know yet how great this is going to be for them and their families.

On sharing her passion for teaching with the Xperience team:

As an agent, my strong suit was always working with sellers. So I’m excited to share “75 Ways to Get a Listing in Any Market.” Another one of my passions is individual wealth-building. I’m always surprised by how few business people have put together a net worth statement. We are rolling out a month-long training on “75 Ways to Get a Listing in Any Market” and developing a private team mastermind focused on identifying net worth, building net worth and “xperiencing” growth in net worth. I look forward to helping our new team members.