How to Be Where Your Feet Are

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The holidays are not a normal time of year, if there is such a thing as normal. The final two weeks of the year are filled with two major American holidays for those that celebrate, where we tend to not work about as much as we do work.

It’s also a time of both reflection and looking forward. We reflect on the year that was and look ahead to the year that is to come. We can experience conflicting thoughts and emotions because of this. Maybe you’re not happy with the past year and excited to turn the page to next. Maybe the uncertainty of the new year creates an uneasy feeling.

A coaching client came to a recent call to work on a limiting belief that they couldn’t replicate the year they had in business this year. Their business doubled in 2021 and even with the actual data that proves success, the future created doubt for them. The doubt was affecting how they were showing up right now in and outside business.

The problem with looking back or looking forward is that it distracts us from the present moment. This distraction can create unnecessary worry and stress. That worry & stress can translate to us feeling anxious about business when we’re with our families and even anxious about how we’re showing up with our families/friends when we’re working. Our feet are in one place, yet our minds are in another concerned a ball is dropping. As you know, this is a recipe for frustration and disappointment PLUS poor performance.

So, how do we combat these seemingly natural occurring thoughts around the holidays and at the end of the year? We get really clear on what winning looks like in the next couple weeks. When we have plans for when we work, when we don’t work and know what exactly we want to accomplish at work, we give ourselves permission to be present in all the moments of the holidays. You can create your own internal Peace on Earth!

Here’s a framework that I share with clients to gain clarity on what to accomplish at work and a plan to do it. With clarity in business, you feel good about NOT working when you’re celebrating the holidays.

Get out a sheet of paper (or digital) and follow this framework

  1. Look at your goals for 2022. What would you need to accomplish in January to be on pace? Look at both leading and lagging business indicators.
  2. Of those metrics that would have you on pace, which is the most important one that you can actually influence over the next two weeks? (For sales businesses, I like pre-booking January appointments) Ask yourself: What can I accomplish now that would make me feel really good about my business going into next year? That’s where to focus!
  3. What activity will cause you accomplish #2? How much does it take for you? (Sales business example: how many contacts to appointments?)
  4. How long will it take you to do the activity in #3? (ex: it will take you 50 hours to make 200 contacts)
  5. Look at your calendar for the remainder of the year, how many days are you working?
  6. Take the number of days you’re working and divide the hours it will take you to to accomplish your priority activity (ex: You’re working 10 more days. Divide the 50 hours by 10 days to get 5 hours per day of doing your chosen activity… making contacts).
  7. Can you commit to the time spent? What WILL you commit to doing such that you’ll be pleased with the result that will come from it?
  8. Finalize your plan by going into your calendar and blocking the time for the activity that will equal success for you over the next two weeks.
  9. Work the plan! Work when YOU scheduled to work and DON’T work when you scheduled to be off.

The beauty in this is that it provides a proven framework that will allow you to have the confidence you will have a meaningful accomplishment in your business during working days, which will allow you to be present during your cherished holiday celebrations.

I wish you presence this holiday season, so that you can live in the moments that you hold dear… and truly be 100% wherever your feet are.