F.E.S.T.I.V.E. Mentality

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What’s more festive than crushing your goals and performing at your best with incredible joy?

The combination of goal achievement, peak performance and joy starts with a top of the line mentality. Tis the season for festivities… So let’s look at what a F.E.S.T.I.V.E. mentality looks like.

F = Flow State

The ultimate state is a flow state. The outside world melts away and you are free to simply perform at your best. Find it at the intersection of your passion, self confidence, your full presence and a worthy challenge.

E = Elite Preparation 

Acclaimed high performance psychology Michael Gervais says you can only train 3 things: your craft, body, mind. Elite preparation in today’s landscape requires you to deliberately train all three. Find systems to have elite preparation for all three.

S = Self-Belief

This is the foundation. When the pressure and stakes are at their highest, we fall back on our self-belief. The stronger your self-belief, the farther you can push the edges to find your potential.

T = Transformation

The key to success is in transformation. Letting go of the baggage holding you back from your potential and refilling your mind with a confident narrative will allow your skills to shine through. It’s this mental & emotional transformation that paves the way for peak performance.

I = Inner Motivation 

Become driven by your values and you’ll always have the mental & emotional energy to drive a winning performance. Aligning your values with your goals and the activities to hit those goals ignites your inner fire and drive and fends off getting too caught up in winning and losing.

V = Visualization

Immersive mental imagery allows your mind to see yourself competing, winning and living with joy. Not only will you see it, your mind will experience it as if it were really happening, which means that you are more mentally equipped to make it happen in actuality.

[Check out this post to go more in-depth on. Mental imagery & visualization: https://xperiencegrowth.com/manifest-goals-with-visualization/]

E = Emotion Channeling

Use your emotions to work for you instead of against you. When you’re in pressure situations, your intense emotions will either hurt you or propel you forward. Channel excitement in the challenge instead of anxiety; fun instead of fear. This ability brings your ability to preserve & win to the next level.

With all the festivities happening to end this year and look towards the next, make sure you’re setting yourself for ultimate success by being mentally F.E.S.T.I.V.E.