Chris’ Mega Camp AHA’s

Nald GuevarraChris

As the real estate industry’s premier training and networking event for top producers, Mega Camp generates countless ideas you can start implementing to grow your business. Here are some of the key takeaways Chris Suarez identified:

A consumer review is an acknowledgement of a positive relationship at the end of a transaction. If we’re not building our business on reviews from past clients, we’re not building our business on relationships.  If it’s strong enough, the relationship you have with a client is the one thing that cannot be disrupted. No matter the competitors, technology, or agents who enter your market, if your business is built on relationships you will be in position to thrive. Clients supply the evidence that you are building a relationship-based business through the reviews they give to you and your team.

Get good at anything you want and are willing to get good at. Anything done incredibly well over a long period of time will grow really big. The key to a big business is finding a small (i.e., simple) solutions to big problems.  

Somewhere along the line the real estate industry convinced its workforce that being big matters more than profitability. We talk units, we talk volume, we talk GCI. What we don’t talk enough about are profit and net. Too many agents have scaled huge businesses and yet make the same or less than they did when they ran a small team.

Every agent deserves to do and have what every brokerage is seeking to do and have. Your brokerage (or partner) needs to deliver technology solutions that empower you to scale as large and as quickly as the brokerage itself.

We often want everything to happen at once, really fast, when we want it. The fact is, big businesses with longevity take time. They grow sequentially. It’s like getting a first down on the way to a touchdown. Sure, we’d all love to score the touchdown in one play, yet it’s the accumulation of small yardage play after small yardage play that more often leads teams to the endzone. Build Your Business To Expand is a sequential approach to growing your business the right way in order to make sure that it is leverageable, replicable, and duplicable.

Keller Williams’ roughly 160 expansion businesses have outproduced all of Redfin, all of Compass, and all of eXp. Why? Because expansion — when executed properly — is a service and systems business.  The organizations that deliver superior service with superior systems will win. Businesses will always outproduce entrepreneurs. Move toward running your business as a business. Expansion is about naturally growing your business based on its success and profitability at home.

You can’t make up for something tomorrow that you didn’t get done today. Whatever you don’t get done today is gone forever. You can’t operate at 100% all day, so focus your 100% on your priorities each day.

During John Maxwell’s keynote presentation, he focused on intentional living.  Most of us have uphill hopes and downhill habits. We need to understand that no matter where we are, what got us there will not get us where we want to go. Always be growing.