Be the Hyperlocal Expert

Nald GuevarraChris, Lead Generation

The past few weeks, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez has shared coaching from Gary Keller about the shift. Gary says that to win in the shift, agents should focus on lead generation and having a strong value proposition. On this week’s Friday Partner Call, Chris did a deep dive into the key aspects of showing you are an expert through your value proposition. Your value proposition should demonstrate knowledge in three primary areas:

  1. Hyperlocal information: data, knowing what is happening at a granular level in your neighborhood

  2. Real estate information: construction, inspection, home details, inspector’s course, seminars in construction, etc

  3. Services provided: knowledge around services before, during and after a real estate transaction

 There are eight statistics that real estate agents should master as hyperlocal experts:1) Average Days On Market2) New On The Market3) Total Available4) Pending5) Closed Units6) Expired/Withdrawn/Cancelled7) Price Reductions8) Back on Market 

Listen to the discussion and learn secrets on how to handle price reduction conversations here.