Xperiential Living

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If you are different at home than you are at work, you are lying in one of those areas. — Simon Sinek

During Xperience Growth Summit, Director of Talent Acquisition, Holly Priestner presented “Xperiential Living”. Our entire mission, vision and values is directed to this core idea of creating xperiential lives through real estate. It’s for ourselves, for our families and for our communities. What does Xperiential Living mean to you? 

At Mega Camp, Gary Keller interviewed CEO of Xperience, Chris Suarez on stage about xperiential living, how the mission has impacted our team and why the name is Xperience.

Here are some key takeaways from Gary and Chris’s conversation :

  1. Profit Matters: Gary referenced that every agent on stage had submitted their P&L. This is the first time in the history of the company that this was requested. You see, it’s not about the units, the volume or GCI, it’s about profit. Profit is not about the money, it is about the good the money can do. 

  2. We must understand WHY we are doing what we do. 

  3. We must know what is important to us. 

  4. Public accountability helps us stay true to our mission. The reason WHY Chris named our team Xperience is because he knew that he must model the behavior or he would end up just another sales person. 

  5. You must define what success means to you or others will define it for us.

While these are all important, number 5 of the above list is wildly crucial and so often looked over. “You must define what success means to you or others will define it for us.” How do you do this?

Self Reflection to Find Your Why:

  • What would you do for free? 

  • What actions give you feelings of joy and happiness?

  • What in your life has made you the happiest? 

  • Ask WHY you do what you do, then ask again. 

  • Motivational Interview

When you find yourself getting in your own way, find the pictures, find the inspiration that will bring you that joy and hold on to that. Take the time to find your why so that you truly create that path to xperiential living. Do not let ANYTHING get in the way of your version of an xperiential life.