Xperiential Living Playbook

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An Xperiential life is actually quite simple. To achieve the feeling of integration and flow where you’re in full control and fulfilled simply takes one word… intentionality.

We believe that life should be lived and lived now. Putting off happiness until later actually makes success more difficult now. All too often we think “When I get [insert whatever that thing is here] I’ll be able to [whatever you really want in life].” You already know, life doesn’t always work out that way.

To achieve the success you truly desire, Xperiential living is a must. It keeps you happy, healthy and living in the moment. And it just takes intentionality.

We’ve defined the 6 areas of life that, when focused on, create an integration that fuels success across the board. We call them pillars. It’s your relationships, wealth, personal growth, health and spirituality. And, yes, those will absolutely lead to career success (not the other way around…).

In the Xperience Growth parlance, we teach that intentionality is achieved through systems and models. We like to think of it like a sports team, which has plays and those plays live in a three ring binder (now an iPad) and make up the team playbook. To live Xperientially, you need a playbook.

I get asked about my personal playbook quite often, so I’ll share some of my plays as inspiration for your playbook.

We take a family walk daily with our kids through our neighborhood. This creates undivided attention in us, which strengthens our family unit. And through the past year of doing this we’ve met dozens of neighbors that we had never met before. One simple act done consistently creates a ripple effect with relationships.

We use the bucket method with our income to allocate resources for spending, investing, saving and giving. This allows us to save ourself from ourself and not spend money foolishly. We simply set aside incomes to go toward those major buckets. It helps us create goals for our money and even makes earning more important because we see certain buckets grow.

Personal Growth
I pick a subject to get laser focused on learning about. As a coach, behavioral change is ultimately what my job is. So, I choose books that are around some facet of behavior change and the courses I take all around the same thing. I am focusing my growth in one key area, as it’s what will help me (and ultimately Xperience Growth clients) get the outcome I desire.

Kristen and I participate in virtual workouts at least 3 times per week from our living room. It just takes a couple dumbbells, workout mat, water and internet. And, because it’s virtual, anyone can do it. The company is Camp Gladiator if you’re looking for a workout solution.

Meditation is a daily ritual that helps to keep me centered and conscious. I find when I’m in the routine, my stress levels are decreased and so are stress triggers. My go-to is Insight Timer. 80 thousand free meditations, so you can find something… Yet, what I found is that I would spend too much time finding the “perfect” meditation which actually created friction for me doing it. I am now using their daily meditation and trusting that whatever the meditation is focused on is what I need at that moment. Interestingly, that increases my spiritual awareness.

Environment matters! I work to cultivate the environment that I am in physically and who am around. Our real estate team does daily meetings with gratitude and “big rocks” for the day and our coaching team does a monthly book study. This creates accountability to do the activities to “fit in.” When the activities help produce success, everyone wins.

You are probably thinking that those sound so easy. And you’re right. For me, that’s the point. Simple plays in a playbook that can be executed to get what I want, a big business and an Xperiential life.