Winning Listings

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Coach Carter Williams took the stage at Xperience Growth Summit to hone in on HOW TO win listings. There were numerous takeaways that can be applied and implemented into your listing presentations today. Some key questions to ask yourself are;

  1. Are you pre-qualifying the seller?

    1. What’s the main reason you’re selling your house?

    2. What is the ideal timeline for me to sell your house within?

    3. When I see you, how much would you like to list for your house for, realistically? 

    4. On a scale of 1-10, rate your house? What would make it a 10?

    5. When we meet, if what I say makes sense and you’re comfortable and confident in my ability to sell your house, are you planning to list your home with me? 

  1. Are you building rapport?

    1. Mirroring behavior 

    2. Keyword backtracking: using their EXACT words in sentences back to them creates comfort

    3. Making eye contact

  1. Are you asking powerful questions?

    1. What’s most important to you about the sale of your house?

    2. What’s motivating you to sell the house now?

    3. What’s most important to you about the Realtor you choose to partner with to get your home sold? 

    4. How will I win with you during the home sale process?

    5. How would I lose with you during the home sale process? 

  1. Are you the local expert? Know your statistics!

    1. Average days on market in the neighborhood

    2. List of all sold, pending and active homes for sale in the neighborhood

    3. Review of all recent solds on their block, even if the solds are not relevant 

      1. If a home sold on their block, they will bring it up

    4. Your agent list to sales price ratio vs. other agents

    5. Your agent days on market vs. other agents

  1. Are you closing the listing?

    1. Ask FIVE times throughout for the business and continually doing soft closes.

Per Carter, remember to keep driving back to the seller’s motivation throughout your presentation. Remind them why they are wanting to sell and don’t forget to include yourself in this narrative. What is your value proposition? Remind them of this. Additionally, establish doubt and communicate your confidence. Always practice your scripts so you are ready for the objections.

What is your follow-up plan? Coach Carter recommends a handwritten card that you mail immediately after meeting. Set them on a CINC campaign and check-in with them!

What will you take from this and implement into your listing presentation TODAY?