Trade for Value

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Success in sales depends largely on COMMITMENT. This is not a one way street and is non negotiable. There are several key components to success in closing and one is one’s zeal in making and asking for the commitments you need.

To gain commitment, you must trade something of value.  You promise your prospective client something of equal or greater valuein exchange for the commitment you are asking for. It is imperative that you follow through and actualize those commitments. This interdependent show of trust paves the way for certain victory in closing.

You may ask, what can we offer of value to our clients?

Here are some sample scripts:

  • I’d love to drop off a list of vendors that you might use to keep your house kept up while on the market…

  • I’d love to stop by and drop off contacts for inspectors, title, attorney, stager, photographer…

Closing Questions & Statements

  • Is there anything that we have not discussed today that we should have? Do you believe that I can sell your home? Great, so do I.

  • Here is what I am going to do/I’d like to do.

  • Here are the next steps.

  • I’ll get to work.


This question sets the expectation for whatever you want to happen.For example, start a listing presentation with, “What would need to happen for you to consider this meeting a 10 and leave no doubt that I’m the agent who should sell your house?” For a buyer consultation, you might say, “What would need to happen for you to believe that I’m the right agent to help you find the home of your dreams?” This phrase allows your prospects to lay out their criteria and create the expectation that if you meet such criteria, they are expected to hire you.


When you first approach a prospect with an offer of service, they instinctively want to say no. So you need to change what they’re responding to. Don’t say, “Hey, can I come by tomorrow and look at your house?” The answer to that question is an easy “no.” Instead say, “I’m going to be in your neighborhood tomorrow around [insert time]. Would you be offended if I stopped by for a quick five-minute onsite price consultation?” Of course, there’s nothing offensive about that! So the prospect will say “no,” which, in this case, is a “yes” for you.

The 10 Commitments (taken from The Lost Art of Closing by Anthony Iannarino)

  1. The Commitment to Time

  2. The Commitment to Explore

  3. The Commitment to Change

  4. The Commitment to Collaborate

  5. The Commitment to Build Consensus

  6. The Commitment to Invest

  7. The Commitment to Review

  8. The Commitment to Resolve Concerns

  9. The Commitment to Decide

  10. The Commitment to Execute

Remember: Look at the value you are trading when asking for each of the 10 commitments