The Three C’s of Converting

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 LEAD CONVERSION   Get to the Table  


Its about capturing them as a contact.

Am I being pushy?

People worry about being pushy. Pushy people are pushy and it has nothing to do with what they’re doing. SO if you are pushy; you are, and if you’re not; you’re not. Asking someone for their contact info is not being pushy. You have every right to ask at anytime you wish, of anyone and everyone you come in contact with.CONNECTIts your chance to let them feel what it is like to work with you.You don’t talk your way into a trusted relationship…you ask and listen your way.Six Connecting Questions1. Who are they?2. What do they want or need to do?3. Where do they want or need to go?4. Why do they want or need to do it?5. When do they want or need to do it?6. How do they plan to do it?CLOSEThe end goal is to get an appointment. Nothing is going to happen if you don’t ask. Always remember that asking in writing will have the lowest conversion rate due to your lack of ability to respond to any issues they may have. What does this mean? YOU DON’T GET APPOINTMENTS THROUGH EMAIL.In the end, if they CAN MEET and have a GOOD ENOUGH REASON to meet, they will. And if they don’t, they won’t.


  • “If I found what you are looking for, how would I contact you?”

  • “Thanks for coming. May I ask your name? Thanks and what’s your phone number?”

In a shifting market, as you ramp up your lead generation, there will be lots of leads but fewer good ones. Your success will hinge entirely on your ability to convert leads.  The effort you give to converting must match the effort you give to generating.  

Converting:  Capturing – Connecting – Closing

Closing for an appointment.  In a shifting market, you often hear “leads are not as good as they used to be”.NAR Statistics tell us that most people will interview just one… maybe two agents.  Its about GETTING TO THE TABLE.  In a shifting market, this is changes…its not just about getting to the table.  You must perform well overall throughout the entire process.In the end, either your ABILITY will cause a meeting to take place or your lack of ability will prevent it.