The Power of Moments with Chris Suarez

Nald GuevarraChris, Reading


After reading and being inspired by The Power of Moments, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez created content for a session at the 2018 Xperience Growth Summit about how to apply the book’s concepts to business and real estate.  As agents, we have the opportunity to create defining moments. We can change the trajectory of how we run our real estate business. We must focus on creating the most out of every opportunity so that our clients remember our level of service, increasing the level of our referral business and who we are in the community.  Moments are mostly forgettable, occasionally remarkable. People remember the peak and pit of transitions and tend to ignore the length of an experience. So basically, the best and worst moments are what is remembered. A defining moment is a short experience that is both memorable and meaningful.  There are four elements of a defining moment:

  1. Elevation: Identifying the moment that someone thought about something or someone differently; lifting someone up and creating a special time or moment that they will remember

  2. Insight: Rewiring the understanding of oneself or one’s world

  3. Pride: Showing up as our best

  4. Connection: Feeling connected to someone or to a group

 We think of moments in three ways: transitions, milestones and pits. Transitions should be marked. Milestones should be commemorated. Pits should be filled.  When thinking about your real estate business and creating moments for your clients or team — or even your family — recognize where the prose of life needs punctuation. Sometimes that transition from one moment to the other just needs a period.  Want more of The Power of Moments? Join the Xperience Team in a conversation as they read The Power of Moments together in November.