The Path to Elite Performance

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Elite performance does not just happen. And it’s not even going to happen overnight; there are no shortcuts. Elite performance is like a crockpot, not a microwave.

There is a path to get there, though. And with this path maybe you can shorten the time between where you’re at now and where you want to be. The importance of elite performance is that it allows you to achieve the biggest goals and dreams that you have.

To achieve performance and the rewards though, takes what I call an inside out approach. You must start internally with your mind because it’s our thoughts & feelings that influences what we do. It’s simple. If you want better performance and therefore the best outcomes in any pillar of your life – career, relationships, wealth, personal growth, health, spirituality – we must go inside first.

The path to elite performance starts by clearing mental roadblocks. Mental roadblocks are limiting beliefs and negative emotions. These are beliefs we hold and emotions we carry that prevent us from being our greatest potential. It can sound like “I’m not _____ enough.” (fill in the blank). And feel like unworthiness, imposter, guilt, frustration, conflict and other emotions create a barrier to our highest potential.

If you think that those feelings and beliefs are just who you are and cannot change, that, too, is a limiting belief! A belief is simply something that we trust as being true. Most of us believed in Santa as kids. At some point, through a shift in perspective, some of us stopped believing that Santa is real. We once believed it; then we didn’t. Just like that, any of your beliefs can change through different knowledge and perspective. Once you shift your perspective and release the limiting belief, the roadblock goes away and the path is cleared.

With the mental roadblocks removed, you can create a new vision for yourself. Many times our current vision is clouded by our limiting beliefs. With those removed, we can see new, bigger possibilities for ourselves. Our goals become new or the same goal can now be seen as actually achievable.

The vision is casted and set to create a destination point for us. A north star if you will. We use the vision to inform us what elite performance would like to become the person in our vision and to achieve our goals.

Then we must take action. This is the performance part. Our action or performance is like a step in the direction toward the new vision. In my mind, I picture a mountain where our vision sits atop the summit and we’re somewhere below in the trees and the rocks walking the winding path to the summit. The only way to get there is to take steps… take action.

As we take action, we must maintain focus on what we want. The vision for ourselves & our goals must stay in our line of sight. This is important because we need to know if we’re going the right direction to the summit. If I take 1,000 steps I could end up achieving my vision or I could end up 1,000 steps away from what I really want. The focus allows us to take a step and calibrate to make sure that our action is getting us closer to our vision.

This is where elite performance begins to take shape. It reminds me of a story about basketball great Kobe Bryant. When Kobe was early in his basketball career, a coach noticed him in the gym practicing before a game. Kobe spent an hour working on one move. This coach watched rep after rep. When Kobe was done the coach asked him what he was doing. Kobe responded that he believed that move would help him win against his opens that night based on the way they wanted to defend him. This is what focus looks like. Kobe was taking another “step” that day along his path to be a hall of fame player.

The path to elite performance is removing mental roadblocks, creating a vision, taking action and focusing on what you want. When you take this path you can transform yourself, become an elite performer and live your highest potential.

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