The Finishing Kick

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By John Powers, Xperience Director of Sales

As we have now entered into September, what does that mean to you? 

This is the 4th Quarter. The final stretch of the year. The end of 2020. 

The average “cycle” from procuring a client to close of escrow is about 90 days.

With this in mind, the next THREE weeks of relationships built will determine how you finish in 2020. 
The next EIGHT weeks will determine in large part how your business will look in Q1!

Director of Sales for Xperience, John Powers, talked to the partners last week about what you can do to take advantage of this time. 

The Finishing Kick- We need to practice Finishing Fast

In running, a negative split is a split time that is faster than previous split time. So how does this apply to real estate? If you’re used to making 10 contacts a day that would be your “split time”. Tomorrow you would do 11 or 12 contacts, and work on increasing those contacts daily or weekly over time.

There are specific strategies you can use to boost your mental toughness. While in your lead generation sessions, practice framing each challenge as an opportunity to improve.

SELF-DIALOG is one way to do this. Your internal self-talk can make a big difference in your ability to withstand difficult tasks. For example, if you have the tendency to miss your goal (contact goal for the day, appointment goal for the week, making your 1000 dials as part of launch), you might have a habit of practicing self-talk where you list the reasons why quitting makes sense. Instead, use the internal dialogue to remind yourself that finishing your calls improves your physical and mental endurance.

Picture yourself hitting that goal, crossing that finish line, proud of the “training miles” you put in to get there.

Doing “hill repeats” will make you stronger and will help you improve your stamina. In our world “hills” would be doing a large volume of calls (1000 dials in a day, completing a BOLD 100, or attending 7 appointments in a week). 


Tired, sore muscles can derail a strong finish. In the final stretch, your muscles get fatigued, yet they still need to work hard to cross the finish line. In real estate this is our dedication to practicing our scripts strength and presentation power. Practicing scripts and presentations for 15-30 minutes a day just isn’t enough in the home stretch. You have to increase your time dedicated to script & presentation practice in order to increase your strength and power.

Do your days look consistent? Are you hitting the same amount of contacts each day? Are you going on 2 appointments a week consistently week over week? While consistency can be good, there comes a point in races when you don’t have to hold back anymore. You should find your next gear and increase speed for a strong finish. September is a month that we need to switch gears, find that inner strength, focus on hitting the stretch goal, and activate that finishing kick. If you’ve done the above, you should have no problem finding that next gear and kicking hard for the finish line.


Have you ever watched a runner approach the finish line and they are way ahead of the pack? Watch that runner has he or she approaches the finish line. They tend to coast in. The race has been won, why continue to push yourself. Now watch a race where there are two runners, neck and neck, as they head to the finish line. You’ll see a difference in their intention to get to the finish line first. We all need a worthy rival to help push us to be stronger and faster as we head to that line of tape.

Who are you neck and neck with?

Who are you behind?

Pick someone and go after them.

Trust me you both will be better as a result.