The Best Present to Give Yourself

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Our family is in the stage of life and practice where Santa Claus is a big deal.

We have a 6 year old that is at the height of her excitement around Santa. Our 2 year old is just now understanding the concept of an old bearded guy bringing presents to her.

For us, it creates magic in our home. And it is magical in a way for them… this Santa guy can & will bring us whatever we ask him for. They believe they are guaranteed the best present (as long as they’re good and go to sleep on Christmas Eve… a different story for a different post).

What about us? The lowly adults. What is the best present that we could ask for? And who will bring it? The good news is that we can give the present to ourselves.

To hone in the best gift, we need to figure out what is the gift that can support us in all areas of our life. Wouldn’t it be amazing for 1 thing to help us in relationships, wealth, spirituality and of course our career?

In my coaching with top performers and achievers, a common theme that I notice that people are seeking is this…


In a coaching call this week, my client and I were discussing her goals. She has many. In her business, though, the primary driver that will allow her to achieve profitability, cash to invest, ability to impact her team members at the highest levels is earning $1.5 million.

That clarity will help her craft action plans of how to show up as a leader and where to focus her intention. It’s much different than if her main goal is to earn – say – $500K take home. She could earn that without as much impact on other people, which is not the person she ultimately wants to be. Clarity gives her the direction to focus on what is most important to her in the short term AND long term.

It works in every pillar of our life. In researching clarity for this blog, I went to Psychology Today. I searched for “clarity” and my screen was flooded with a myriad of articles around clarity.

The titles ranged from personal freedom:  “How To Get Clarity and Make Important Decisions,” “7 Strategies to Make Decisions with Clarity and Confidence” & “Forgiveness Is a Gift of Clarity to Yourself,” to relationship creation: “Should You Marry Him? Ten Steps to Clarity,” to relationship end: to “Finding Clarity: How Do I Make the Decision to Divorce?” to find spirituality: “The Spiritual Principle of Clarity,” to create wealth: “Mint: The Flavor of Financial Clarity” and even to the betterment of humankind: “Toward the Age of Clarity.”

Clarity is an underpinning to success. It plays a role in our happiness. It helps us reduce overwhelm because when we’re clear on the next steps, we know what to do. It aids in interpersonal confidence.

This holiday season, ask Santa for clarity. Or, if that’s not your thing, get clarity for yourself.

It’s actually easier than you might think. When you think about what you want from career, relationships, health, spirituality, etc. – ask yourself the purpose. Find the purpose in what you’re pursuing and you’ll find clarity.

I wish you peace, joy and clarity to end your year.