The 3 Mindset Patterns

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When you do a lot of any one thing, you begin to notice some patterns that emerge.  Over the course of thousands of coaching calls, I’ve noticed mindset patterns that emerge from the collective of those conversations.

Patterns are simply loops that our unconscious minds run. Much like habits, patterns can feel like a reflex or a hardwire. Patterns can be actions we do (think brushing teeth) and they can be mental & emotional patterns (think car cuts me off and I get frustrated). Of course, it can be a combination of mental & physical – like a car cuts me off, I feel anger and I have an outburst in frustration.

Patterns, especially the mental & emotional ones, can run for days, months, years, even decades. In coaching top business performers I’ve noticed some trends and patterns that most high achieving people naturally fall into. These mindset patterns affect success, fulfillment and happiness.

The 3 Mindset Patterns I’ve coined based on coaching experiences are: 1. The Stuck Potential; 2. The Stressed Achiever; 3. The Have it All.

Here’s a description of each… see which one of these resonates most with you.

The Stuck Potential

You are talented and have potential. You know that. Others probably do, too. Yet, you’re not living up to the expectations or the potential that you possess. It’s not that you’re unsuccessful, it’s the feeling and understanding that there’s more you have to give. But you don’t… or maybe feel like you can’t.

There’s something getting in your way from achieving. Many times this roadblock shows up as an underlying fear or belief about your ability or worthiness to achieve your potential. So, you don’t go for it. You hold back. You don’t do the things for your business and yourself in business that you know would lead to greater success. You live smaller and therefore, your results are smaller.

The Stuck Potential tells you that more is possible, but your mindset won’t let you fully get there.

The Stressed Achiever

You love goals. In fact, you’re awesome at hitting them. You are achieving great heights in your business & career and are on the express elevator to the top floor. It seems everything in business that you touch works out. Of course, this is not without effort, hard work, grit, etc. from you.  You make it happen and earn results & rewards – deservedly so.

But there’s a problem. You’re stressed. And not just the kind of stress that pushes us into growth. The kind of stress that shows up like anxiety & the weight of the world on your shoulders. You fear failure or disappointment to the point where your accomplishments are more like a safety net than a celebration. Or maybe it shows up as imposter syndrome. You’re doing the work, you’ve earned the seat at the “adult table” yet you’re not sure you are deserving of it. 

The Stressed Achiever straddles the line of burnout. You get all the results you want but it comes with a high price tag on mental and emotional well-being and the potential collateral damage the stress can cause to you and those closest to you.

The Have it All

You are conquering your world. You have the success that you want in business or are marching directly towards it. Sure, it’s hard and you experience momentary stressors, yet you feel in flow most of the time.

Not only are you achieving at the highest levels in your chosen path, you feel great about it and yourself. You live with joy and freedom. Stress is a challenge that leads to growth and creates excitement in you to figure it out. In addition to getting the most out of your career, you also have strong personal and professional relationships, have or are building wealth, intentionally seek personal growth, live an overall healthy life, tapped into your spirituality.

The Have it All lives and acts congruently with who they are and their purpose. They are and feel like an unstoppable force.

Most entrepreneurs and business leaders will resonate with one of these mindset patterns. Obviously, we all want to be The Have it All. The good news is that all of these patterns are controlled by our mindset. That means that it boils down to our thoughts & emotional response to our circumstances and experiences, which we get to control and affect.

No matter if you identify with The Stuck Potential or The Stressed Achiever, the solution is a mental one. When your mindset shifts, you can truly have it all.

I am putting together more materials on the 3 Mindset Patterns. I want to hear from you. Let me know which one resonates the most with you right now. Click here to fill out the 1 minute survey and let me know.