Staying Mega-Successful In Uncertain Times

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Staying Mega-Successful in Uncertain Times

Four things I learned at the Keller Williams annual training conference


In August, top-performing agents from all over the world and Keller Williams leadership gathered in Austin, Texas, for our annual training event, known as Mega Camp. It is an invigorating opportunity for education and inspiration, especially in these turbulent times.Our industry is undergoing a major shift to digital-based platforms, but Mega Camp reminded us agents that we are empowered to thrive and compete amid this change. Here’s how:

  1. Go small to go big Many agents believe they should master every aspect of lead generation to be successful, but the truth is, there is real value in developing a specialty. You can stand out in a crowded environment by concentrating on one area and learning to do it well. Whether it’s open houses or expired listings, become the expert in your market because being the best will be your competitive advantage. Once you have that expertise under your belt, use it as a launching point to expand into other relevant capabilities.

  2. Prioritize the customer experience I keep this quote from fellow agent John Brooks top of mind: “The definition of a review is an acknowledgment of a positive relationship by the end of a transaction.” From the very beginning of the relationship, ask your clients to write a review of your performance after the sale is complete and make time to follow up for one. Doing so holds you accountable throughout the process, makes you think about how you’re engaging with clients at every touchpoint and ensures you’re delivering top-notch service. No matter what industry player launches in the market or which new technology bursts on the scene, relationships will always be the cornerstone of your business.

  3. Service is sales Despite all the technology available to consumers today, they still want an agent to help them manage the biggest and most complex transaction of their lives. As noted by Gary Keller on multiple occasions, we are in the service industry, not sales. Your ability to provide excellent customer service is what will set you apart. You need to ask yourself all the time if your efforts -– from responding to their requests and questions in a timely manner to helping them navigate home financing –- are truly helping your clients. Exceptional service leads to exceptional business results.

  4. Agent input = best technology Our leaders shared more at Mega Camp about new technology services that will soon be available to our agents. The most impressive part? They were designed and built with direct input from agents with the help of leaders from KW Labs, our innovation hub. Another benefit for agents is that these services will be available at no cost, helping to drive down their operating expenses.One of these services is KW Command, a comprehensive operating system that will allow agents to access and manage market insights, lead generation and closings, marketing campaigns, calendars and scheduling, referrals, and more on one simple dashboard. Agent input ensured KW Command can help create repeat customers because it provides agents the opportunity to customize and personalize each interaction with them.

  • Another new ‘agent input’-inspired feature is Kelle Snaps, added to Kelle – the personal assistant smartphone app that uses artificial intelligence. On a recent drive to the coast of Oregon, I passed through six towns and used Kelle Snaps to quickly pull up neighborhood listings and insights and sent them to my clients with a few taps on the app. Soon, I will be working with other agents to plan how we use Kelle to enhance the customer experience, and you’ll hear more about that in the next several months.


It’s powerful to remember that while some things change – such as the technology we’re using to drive growth – some things don’t, like building relationships and providing great service. And with the innovation and support of Keller Williams, the future is very bright.Learn more about opportunities to partner with Xperience.