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Xperience Real Estate is proud to welcome a partnership with the Deldi Ortegon Group, led by Deldi Ortegon, a 25-year industry veteran from Texas. On Friday’s Xperience all-partner call, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez interviewed Deldi on her success and commitment to taking her business to the next level. 

Why Keller Williams?  Deldi did not start her career with Keller Williams. When she was introduced to the company, she was attracted to Keller Williams’ values: God, Family and then Business. She credits Keller Williams for her business growth. “Before joining Keller Williams, I was on a hamster wheel. I never imagined I would be standing here with a $30 million business,” Deldi shared.

 What makes the Deldi Ortegon Group special?The team’s values, Faith, Family and Fun, have set them apart. The team has lived these values and are a true family.“At any given time, even if someone has left my team, they know they can call me any time of the night and I will be there for them. “ Deldi said. “We change the hearts and minds of the people we serve through our work, our relationships and our generous giving. Today we get to add Xperiential living.”

What has been the hardest thing about growth? “Life…balancing life and growing a business. I can honestly say that when I experienced the hardest personal challenges, I have remained faithful, steadfast, and I love what I do.”Like many business owners, attracting the right talent was an early struggle.  “Finding people early on…finding the RIGHT people. I looked for the wrong people. This changed the minute I started focusing on people who are smarter than me and started looking at their hearts, who they are, what they believe in,” Deldi said.  

Why partner with Xperience?“This is a major opportunity, not just for me, but for my partners. They partnered with me with me to provide the value. I am stepping on a larger platform so I can provide an opportunity for each of them. There is also alignment in values and culture. It’s about your (Xperience’s) heart and who you guys are, “ Deldi explained. “My partners’ excitement for this opportunity, that’s what makes it worth it!”

How do you achieve contentment while still being passionate about growth? During his monthly Facebook Live, Chris tackled this question that most high achievers face and shared a formula for achieving contentment.First, gather all of the ingredients, time, choice, activity, money, experience, opportunity, people and mission.

Then, treat it as a math equation:

Activity x Time / Choice = MoneyMoney + People / Opportunity = TimeTime + Money = ExperienceTime x Money / Experience = Contentment

Want a more in-depth understanding? This post takes you on a deeper dive. 

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