Spend 20 Minutes with a Connected Mega Agent

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Earlier this month, The Ricci Team based in Westchester County, NY and Fairfield, CT, announced it was partnering with Xperience Real Estate. The team, which closed more than $49 million last year and is led by CEO and Founder Christine Ricci, has partnered with Xperience to help power the next phase of its growth.

Each week, Xperience CEO Chris Suarez hosts a companywide call with Xperience partners. Suarez recently interviewed Ricci about her background, goals, and why her team was attracted to being part of a leading expansion business. Here are a few highlights.

I started in real estate in 1997. I thought I was going to be a nurse and a friend who was in the business thought I had a good “people personality.” So, I got my license. I jumped into rentals because in New York, you can make money quicker, with shorter time on task. I had three children, including a newborn, and needed a clear schedule — I had to use my time carefully! There was a focus on scheduling, efficiency and effectiveness.

I began working with international clients which was very rewarding. Listening skills, area knowledge, expertise and professionalism — customer service skills — grew my business from the beginning to where we are today.

I latched on to two top producing agents who saw talent in me and took me under the wings. Right out of the gate, I had mentors. They shared a lot of the challenges that they had endured and helped me not have them.

Time was my biggest challenge. My business grew quickly. I had to start choosing between my family and my clients. I wanted everything to everybody — and that was hard. I had to start working on not compromising myself, being more purposeful and selective, and saying no. It took me a long time to learn that.

Connecting with people and networking are the foundation of my business. I found it intriguing when agents on the opposite side of the deal looked at me as a competitor. I began befriending agents, creating respect and rapport. I create win-wins.When I joined Keller Williams, I loved going to all the events. Before my second Family Reunion, my coach challenged me to make three appointments ahead of time for referrals. It’s not about getting a business card and just becoming a contact in my database. The people I connect with become part of my life, they are actual people who I connect with, visit, and spend time with.

During the last seven years, I have been building my team and hand-selecting leaders so that I could provide them opportunities to make their worlds big. Eventually I want to be out of production. I want to be traveling and training. My goal is to develop my team so that it can succeed without me being present. I want to build strong models and systems to take my business to the next level without it taking 10 years. It’s important to do this with someone who “lives the models.”

I love that by partnering with Xperience, our teams are collaborating. We are not taking my team apart, we are enhancing it. You provide the value and integrity that align with my growth and vision. Xperience’s systems in my world will enhance everyone around me.