Shut the Window

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It’s August in Texas. You know what I am talking about — we have all been there for KW Mega Camp. It’s hot, it’s humid. It’s 100 degrees. You can be sure the air conditioner is on. Why is it not cooling off? You look up, the window is open.

Or, it’s January in Oregon. It’s 40 degrees. You can be sure that  the heater is on. Why is it not warming up? You look up, the window is open. 

In order to get the results we want, we must shut the window. 

It’s the same for our business. 

Who wants more leads?  Everyone. Always. 

Why? The leads are like the heater or the air conditioner, they are like warming up or cooling off your home. We can always do more prospecting. We can always buy more leads. However, how do we shut the window?  

It doesn’t matter how many leads you have if you don’t shut the window. In our business, shutting the window is lead follow-up and lead conversion. In our business, our window is our database.  

Statistics show that an Internet lead typically takes 18 months to transact (not convert). Sometimes, we have leads from traditional lead generation that takes just as long. We are playing an “infinite game.” Don’t continue to pump the leads in without shutting the window. Focus on your follow-up.