Presenting Your Price

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Matt Tully spoke onstage about the importance of pricing right and the best practices to utilize when presenting your price. He started the presentation with a National Association of Realtor’s study of the TOP FIVE things sellers are looking for the most HELP with. 

Here they are;

  1. Help Seller Market the Home to Potential Buyers.

  2. Help Price Home Competitively.

  3. Help Sell Home within a Specific Time Frame.

  4. Help Find a Buyer for the Home.

  5. Help Seller Find Ways to Fix Up the Home to Sell it for More.

It boils down to marketing, pricing, selling within a specific time frame, finding a buyer, and getting the best price out of the home. The consequences of not pricing correctly in this scenario could mean that you cost the seller money, you add to the days on market that the house sits, your marketing becomes ineffective, and you skew the feedback. 

The 2018 National Association of Realtor study tells us that 10 days on market and/or 7 showings with NO offer, means that you are overpriced.

The THREE best practices to utilize when presenting your PRICE include, 

  1. Bring a simple spreadsheet of comps to review together. Have links to websites with data that proves what you’ve said to be true.

  2. Have a pricing window that you can tie to the average days on market. 

  3. Have good bedside manner while presenting data. Are you listening? Are you identifying their D.I.S.C. profile?

All of these things will aid you in pricing strategically leading to getting offers and selling. What will you take with you today to implement in your business?