New Year, New You… Seriously

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Studies show roughly 40% of Americans make actual New Year’s resolutions. For the people that do, most have a health goal in mind – more exercise, eating healthier, losing weight.

This year, almost 1/2 of respondents want to save money and 20% of people want to let go of stress.

What’s interesting, these stats are pretty consistent year after year…after year…….after year.

That means millions of people start the year saying “this year I’m going to become a new me” and then they don’t.

In her book “How to Change” researcher & author Katy Milkman says that we’re inspired to make changes when we feel like we have a fresh start.

New Years, birthdays and other milestone events give us a blank slate feeling where we temporarily forget our past failings.

The problem most of us face is that the “fresh start effect” gets us excited to become the new me and then our reality hits us in the face. We revert back to our set ways and don’t make our resolutions – or goals – stick. We then make the same change declarations the next year.

“But this year will be different.”

This year can be different. You can make the changes to exercise more, eat healthier, save money, let go of stress. It requires something more than trying to do more, you must become different.

The biggest challenge to our goals starts with an old identity and beliefs. If we don’t first change the way we view ourselves or the beliefs about ourselves we carry, making impactful changes is difficult.

If health is at the top of your list this year, it’s likely you don’t see yourself as a healthy person or someone who lacks commitment to health.

When the new year rolls in you hit the gym. And (because you’re human) miss a day. That old belief creeps in: “See, that’s what you do… not stick it out. What’s the point of keeping going?” Off the wagon we fall.

To make this year different, first you must change how you see yourself and what you believe. You become a self fulfilling prophecy and can take advantage of the “fresh start effect.”

Here’s a really simple framework to help you identify unwanted beliefs.

Ask yourself the following:

  1. What do I want in the new year?
  2. What will I get when I have it?
  3. What’s gotten in my way such that I don’t already have it?
  4. Why have I allowed that to get in my way and stay in my way?

If you’re honest with yourself, question #4 will help you see an identity that holds you back. It will highlight a belief or set of beliefs that have impeded your movement.

The great news is this. 

Once you’ve identified what’s gotten in your way, you’ve named it & brought it into the light. You can now actually deal with the beliefs and identity that’s kept you from becoming that “new you” each year.

Here’s the real secret… When you can let go of those unwanted beliefs your identity changes. And that’s when you really are the “new you.” It’s THAT new you who can follow the exercise plans, build healthy eating habits, confidently save more and actually let go of stress.

2023 will lead to greater fulfillment, success and happiness when we start inside and work our way out.

Become that new you in this new year.